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  • Solar Frame
    Solar Frame

    Description : Aluminum frame extrusions are helping revolutionize the solar industry by providing strong and lightweight frames and structures for solar panels, along with components that allow for precision positioning and stability for improved productivity. Stabilit

  • Ladder

    Description : Aluminium ladders weigh the least, rival wood ladders for low price, and work well for almost all the usual household projects. Aluminum step-ladders are durable enough to withstand most do-it-yourself abuse, but the legs will bend and the steps or rungs s

  • Dock

    Description : Aluminum docks are designed to combine light weight, and ease of assembly with affordability, while maintaining the high quality standard. The dock is ideal for most small water bodies where light boats are used, such as pontoon boats, aluminum boats, and

  • Building Formwork
    Building Formwork

    Description : Certain aluminium alloys, which are resistant to wet concrete as well as atmospheric corrosion, are used for making aluminium forms. These forms are very similar to steel forms. Aluminium framework has been developed in recent years because of their lightw

  • Bumper Beam
    Bumper Beam

    Description : Crash Management Systems are situated in the front and rear of an automobile. The most recent fully aluminium systems are based on one (or two) bumper beams, aluminium bumper and two (or four) crash boxes for each CMS, which are designed to be inserted in

  • Alloy Chassis
    Alloy Chassis

    Description : Aluminum is extensively used for automotive chassis and engine applications. Properties like useful strength, low density, high thermal conductivity, excellent machining behavior and good corrosion resistance are the main reasons for using Aluminum. Future

  • Hard Aluminium Allow Profiles
    Hard Aluminium Allow Profiles

    Description : HAOMEI can supply all kinds of high-quality and high-precision aluminum alloy pipes, rods,bards and profiles for aerospace, rail transportation, automobile, shipbuilding, construction, machinery manufacturing, electronic power and other fields. Products co

  • Luggage Shelves
    Luggage Shelves

    Description : Low-priced roof racks for cars and trucks are the perfect choice for anyone who frequently needs to transport large or awkward-sized items. With their basket-style design, these roof racks can hold massive amounts of cargo of all shapes and sizes, and thei

  • Car Frame
    Car Frame

    Description : Aluminum is seen as the best way to reduce hundreds of pounds of body weight all at once. Car makers are placing a huge bet on its aluminum crash diet, using the alloy for all of the body panels and the bed of its redesigned pickup. It claims that aluminum

  • Counter

    Description : The Aluminium Showcases,Cabinets and Counters are in a satin silver anodized finish aluminium frame with Chrome plate finish zinc alloy corner knuckles and a choice of 6 melamine faced chipboard panel finishes. 6mm toughened glass to class"A" throughout wi