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  • Welding

    Description : Welding Welding is one of the most important processes in metal fabrication. Whether you’re building a wind tower, creating machinery or even building large steel structures – you’re going to need professional welders to ensure a quality welding on your pi

  • Aluminum Casting and Machining
    Aluminum Casting and Machining

    Description : The world wide renowned magnates in power transmission industry like ABB, Simens, Alstom, Hyundai,Hyosung, Mitsubishi,Toshiba and GE. selected us as their important supplier of aluminum casting housing for Gas-Insulated Switchgear(GIS), Current Circuit Bre

  • large servo press EPC project
    large servo press EPC project

    Description : The servo press is a kind of press driven by servo motor through crankshaft,therefore it can offer good versatility and at production speeds approaching traditional mechanical presses. The stroke, slide motion, slide position, and speed are programmable to

  • Heavy steel fabrication for reach stacker
    Heavy steel fabrication for reach stacker

    Description : In favor of ideal investment condition necessary for heavy duty equipment manufacturing, most of global heavy industrial giants have set up their manufacturing or supplying base in China, especially in littoral areas, where are also the main areas that Ope

  • Tube plates
    Tube plates

    Description : We have contracted to custom make various of tube plate for heat exchangers, pressure vessels used in nuclear power industry, petro-chemical industry, water-treatment industry. The tube plates we have produced feature in: Large diameter up to OD 8600mm Hig

  • Machining

    Description : We are one of very few companies in the world to provide machining service on all sizes, especially on large and extraordinarily large, or heavy components requiring high precision. Advanced machine tools and measuring machines, well educated and experienc

  • Casting

    Description : Casting is a thermal manufacturing process commonly used for producing metal objects. Metal casting dates back almost 6000 years and has had a strong history in China since around 1700BC. The heaviest bronze ware ever excavated is the Simuwu Cauldron (875k

  • Section Bending
    Section Bending

    Description : Section Bending We offer metal section bending service including I-section bending, Tube(including rounded tube, square,rectangular tube)section bending, Angle section bending, Channel section bending. We custom order various of section bending machines ye

  • Cutting

    Description : All metal fabrications begin with cutting – we carry out laser cutting (most precise), plasma cutting, water-jet cutting and torch cutting,and also include shearing,sawing. Laser Cutting We operate 25 laser cutting machines including the TruLaser 5040, Tru

  • Plate Rolling
    Plate Rolling

    Description : Plate Rolling Our metal plate rolling facilities are listed first class not only in China,but also in world wide. We have over 10 plate rolling machines, including a Hausler heavy plate roller, capable of rolling steel plates up to 4250mm in width by 210mm