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  • LED Light Products
    LED Light Products

    Description : Type includes:LED Tube;LED Bulkhead Lamp,LED Street Lamp;LED Downlight,LED Bulb light,LED Panel lamp,LED Flood Light,LED tunnel light, LED light advantages: Energy Saving: Low-power consumption: under the premise of meet the requirements of lighting effect

  • Proximity Transducer
    Proximity Transducer

    Description : The proximity transducer works based on the vortex produced by the conductive object approaching to a magnetic field. Used on the landing gear system.

  • Acceleration Transducer
    Acceleration Transducer

    Description : Get the motion status( including linear acceleration, high/low frequency, etc.) through Measuring the acceleration, can be applied in different media(ultra-temperature, low temperature, intense radiation environment etc.) Weight:0.8-110g Measuring R

  • Welded Metal Bellows
    Welded Metal Bellows

    Description : Material: AM350,17-4PH, Inconel718, Inconel 625, HastelloyB, HastelloyC,Monel 400,316L, 300 series, Titanium TA2,etc. Size: OD 4mm-300mm Product Performance: High sensitivey good linerity to 1%;stable peroformance +/-5% rigidity error;high compress ratio

  • Elastic Sensitive Unit
    Elastic Sensitive Unit

    Description : Elastic unit is developed by our elastic unit workshop. We possessed the professional production line and advanced technology assembly and inspection equipment, a engineer team with wide experienced technicians, a advanced management system, the elastic se

  • Hollow Balls Bearing and Hollow Ball
    Hollow Balls Bearing and Hollow Ball

    Description : Application:be applied to transporting,moving,loading and unloading goods in cargo of airplane and ship.And also can be applied to transferring and delivering parts and container in automatic production line. Performance: compact Structure,Light-weight,Tem

  • Steam Trap
    Steam Trap

    Description : Function:Free floating ball steam trap which is developed in the 80th, is the advanced steam trap in the world wide. It wildly used on vapor equipment, pipeline and cooling water reclaiming system, to protect vapor from leaking and exhaust cooling water qu

  • Rupture Disc and Rupture Disc Devic
    Rupture Disc and Rupture Disc Devic

    Description : 1. SlottedType(Slotted) Rupture disc(LK) The weakness is artificially made in the slotted rupture disc. Its burst pressure is controlled by the weakness. When the system to be protected is overpressure, the disc is stretched bidirectional. Then the weakne

  • Vibration Transducer
    Vibration Transducer

    Description : Vibration transducer works based on the piezo effect of the piezoelectric materials. Current product can stand 482°C, used on aircraft engine health analysis system. Meanwhile, our products are widely used in different industries. 1. Piezoelectric Vibrat

  • Temperature Transducer
    Temperature Transducer

    Description : Type includes:TAT Transducer,Static Temperature Transducer,Platinum Resistance Temperature sensor,Thermocouple Transducer,AWT Wireless temperature sensor Performance TAT Transducer senses the air temperature of the stagnation point and output resistanc