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  • Mink Trap Cage
    Mink Trap Cage

    Price : $3.89 USD

    Description : Double entry runs through trap. The design of this model number is a passage style trap for that time, whenever were succeeded in catching start out the pedal organization, the both ends is always to is closed at the same time certainly, Can also be used a

  • Cat/Rabbit Trap Cage
    Cat/Rabbit Trap Cage

    Price : $6.85 USD

    Description : with heat galvanization so that the resistive causticity of the cage improves greatly. So it fits use countryside. Usually, it was transported in consort with TST-001 .So it reduce the fare, meanwhile it reduce the The design of model No. is in order to ca

  • Grey Squirrel Trap Cage
    Grey Squirrel Trap Cage

    Price : $3.57 USD

    Description : Set the trap by pressing on the side handle this automatically unlocks and opens the door, with you other hand reach inside the mink trap and place the setting bar under the spring loaded door. For bait, use fish, kipper or tinned cat food, cut in small pi

  • Folding Bird Trap Cage
    Folding Bird Trap Cage

    Price : $17.88 USD

    Description : This is the best, most effective pigeon trap on the market today. It has two one way entry doors on each of it's two sides.It way a unloading door to ensure that no pigeons escape when unloading the trap. It's big, it hold 2 pigeons. Built out of

  • bird spikes
    bird spikes

    Price : $0.98 USD

    Description : Stainless steel Bird Spikes: the best solution for chasing away pigeons and birds of similar size. Stainless steel Bird Spikes never become rusty and keeps its shape for many years. rays stabilised polycarbonate base and 4 rows of stainless steel spikes.

  • Mole Trap
    Mole Trap

    Price : $0.69 USD

    Description : Depress setting arm until it touches tunnel. Swing setting hook over setting arm. Move the base of the trigger ring to a perpendicular position so that the hook at the top engages with the setting arm. Repeat process at other end. Place the trap in

  • Bird Feeder
    Bird Feeder

    Description : bird feeder

  • bird feeder
    bird feeder

    Description : bird feeder with excellent quality and lower price.

  • bird feeder
    bird feeder

    Description : bird feeder with excellent quality and lower from China.

  • bird feeder
    bird feeder

    Description : bird feeder with high quality and lower prlce from China