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1,Selling all kinds of smt nozzle,feeder,filter,feeder parts,sensor,motor,nozzle shaft,solenoid valve,belt,laser,drivers,PCB board,etc.
We have Dedicated sales team.There are original brand new,copy new and original used three type for you choose.

2,Customizing special nozzles.Give us your drawings,we can customize some unusual nozzles.
Our engineers will detect and design nozzles which according to your drawings.

3,Repairing SMT motor,SMT sensor,SMT driver,SMT solenoid valve,etc.
We have highly professional engineers to provide repair service,low cost and long warranty.
Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

Business Information

Business Type Importer,Manufacturer,Retailer,Distributor
Capital 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Annual Turnover 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Number of employee 50
CEO Alex Liu
Products/ Services we offer SMT Nozzles, Feeder, Feeder Parts, Feeder Calibration Jigs, Feeder Storage Carts, IC Tray feeders, Stick feeders, Feeder Loading Unit, cutters, filters, belts, motors, cylinders, splice tape, tool, stencil clean wiper/paper, printer squeegee holder/blade, AI spare parts and other SMT Peripherals, Mounter Parts, Printer & Disprinter Parts.
Target Markets The United States, Britain, Italy, Australia, Europe and Brazil
Key customers Electronics factory, foxconn, flextronics
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services No
Number of R&D staff 50

Category Showroom(13 Categories)

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Address Zhonghe Garden,Songgang street,Baoan zone,Shenzhen,China(CN)
Website http://