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Fuzhou Chengda Blower Co., Ltd
  • Target Markets: Asian,European,singpore,Malaysia
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 2010


Fuzhou Chengda Blower Co., Ltd is a high-tech joint-stock enterprises specializing in research, design and production of ventilation equipments of Fujian. The enterprise is restructured of Fuzhou Blower Company, and gathers the best professional and technical talent of researching, designing and manufacturing of blower Fujian Province. the company has cnc machining centers, cnc cutting machine, cnc boring and milling machine, grinding machine, automatic test systems and other sophisticated equipment, and work closely with many College and Institute of country like Fuzhou Univercity, and with advanced CAD design technology, we design and manufacture 3 lobe roots blower, 2 leaf blower, centrifugation through fan, axial fans, fiberglass fans, stainless steel special fan and their accessories, covering over 30 series and 300 type specifications. in the meanwhile, we focus on the need of customers, provide users with the most professional ventilation solutions, targeted develop environmental protection, water treatment, low-noise clover roots blower, aquaculture oxygen dedicated blower, cement are into high-pressure high-volume blower, cement kilns of large diameter centrifugal blower, road building machinery dedicated blowers, mine local fan etc. our products have various specifications, stable quality and excellent performance. Over the years, we offer hundreds of corporate many types of high-quality, efficient fan products, covering provinces and cities across the country, throughout the chemical industry, metallurgy, cement, textiles, electronics, food, environmental protection, aquaculture, power, pharmaceuticals, boilers, road construction and other industries.

The remarkable features of the product are: single high pressure, large flow, low noise, small vibration, stable and reliable operation. Specific as follows:

1. High efficiency: the impeller adopts a new type of composite line, and the whole process of rotor operation is perfectly meshing, which reduces the leakage in the fan, reduces the heat generated by the fan, and greatly improves the total volume efficiency and adiabatic efficiency of the fan; Efficiency can be improved by more than 5%.

2. Low noise: the impeller profile adopts a special noise reduction design. The shell applies the international advanced countercurrent cooling technology and designs an excellent noise reduction structure to effectively control the pulsating noise of the fan's intake and exhaust. High precision grinding gear with high strength alloy steel (20CrMnTi), high quality (imported) bearings, main parts are from CNC equipment and precision machining center. Therefore, the product has low noise, reliable operation and long service life.

3. Less vibration: the original hot assembly technology of impeller and cone sleeve gear can realize keyless connection of blade and shaft. The rotor is highly accurate and strictly static and dynamic balance, so the machine runs smoothly and has almost no vibration.

4. Good sealing: the output air is clean and does not contain any oil quality. Oil lubrication is not required inside the casing.And adopted to avoid bearing, gear oil into the internal structure design

5. High pressure: equipped with excellent water-cooled structure design of completely enclosed internal circulation body, the maximum pressure of a single machine can reach 107.8kpa (1.1kg /cm2), reaching the domestic advanced level.

6. Wide performance: large air volume and air pressure coverage, wide range, users can choose the most suitable products according to different USES, to provide users with the best blowing solution.

7. Monitoring: design reserved optional remote monitoring interface, such as equipped with sensors and other electrical components, can monitor the air volume, air pressure, gas temperature, bearing temperature, lubricating oil temperature, etc. of the fan operation, easy to realize remote control.

8. Easy maintenance: the fan structure has been optimized by CAD design, with reasonable and compact structure, small volume and no special requirements for installation. Easy to use, install and maintain. In addition to regular replacement of lubricating oil, basic maintenance can be achieved.
Fuzhou Chengda Blower Co., Ltd

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Business Type Manufacturer,Exporter
Capital 100,000 - 500,000
Annual Turnover 500,000 - 1,000,000
Number of employee 50
CEO salesman
Target Markets Asian,European,singpore,Malaysia
Key customers roots blowers distributors
QA/ QC Service External
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 50

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