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Hunan forest biological technology co., LTD. is a market demand for the wizard, to innovative R & D as a driving force, set research funded in one of modern high-tech enterprises, is committed to high-tech strategic emerging industries, the use of supercritical fluid extraction technology , molecular distillation technology, membrane separation technology, low temperature countercurrent extraction technology, biological enzyme technology, aseptic packaging technology, nanotechnology and other modern high-tech grinding technology, pure natural plant as raw materials, production of human "life, beauty, health, life "High value-added products has an important role, with the strength and interpretation of their actions," and different, Cui Jin Guang take; and global reach, Guangyi whom "business philosophy.
Grass creature has variety, complete product specifications, safety and health, high-quality advantage
From the powdered extract of the essential oils, extracts from conventional to high-quality supercritical carbon dioxide extract, from the stable quality standards of plant extracts and formulations to a very high technical content of natural active ingredients monomer, the company can to Almost a full range of users, can fully meet its demand for the product type and product quality, especially supercritical carbon dioxide extract without any organic solvent residue, no heavy metal residues, nutrient-rich features, high-end users with a rare the choice.
Grass biological Located fresh air, beautiful environment, convenient transportation of Yongzhou National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, has a garden-like factories, modern office buildings, advanced equipment and instruments, high degree of automation; SOP production process in accordance with the precise procedures subjected to strict quality control standards, we have achieved QS, ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL and USDA certified organic production.
In addition to the above-mentioned biological grass tangible products, but also to provide users with a number of value-added services, such as product development and technical guidance, overall planning, design and engineering equipment design guidance, strategic planning and market development; Plant product compound design, model testing, Technical training, clinical trials and contract manufacturing and so on. And extensive bio's strategic goal is to become China's high-end natural products, technology leader and major high-end global supplier of natural products.
Grass huge competitive advantage from her many years of organisms that bring together a broad and in-depth knowledge and practical experience in long-term industrial development, production, quality control, technology and equipment as well as in customer service.
Grass has a biological expert sales and marketing team, can provide fast and effective service to our customers, including single feedback and consultation process, sample preparation and hair samples, stocking orders, shipment and subsequent document processing. In addition, specially equipped with several rich professional knowledge and experience, understand the market dynamics and the end consumer scientist responsible for answering various questions raised by customers.

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