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Taiwan K-Lite Co.,Ltd is an holding companies, Our company is specialized design, research and development, producing all kinds of automobile-used lamps and lanterns and illumination products, The fields of the automobile-used lamps and lanterns include: Car, truck / the bus, project / agricultural vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle,etc. The products accord with relevant regulations and pass the authentication standard of the relative function.

We combine European H&K electric mould for casting benevolence and Taiwan professional automobile-used LED lamps and lanterns of high quality design the advanced technology developed most; Lamps and lanterns markets developed, all have concrete experience to make the products and developing from such special-purpose car lights as OEM, AM studying for supplement or refitted car,etc.Cooperatively case to the car light or guest in common use, for example the headlight is as follows, for its functions of lamps and lanterns developed It is the far /near light, indicator, at car light; The taillight is as follows, drive a vehicle / car light, direction, backup light and license plate light very reflect light slice, and P2 side beacon light or the third very car light,etc. And already through DOT U.S.A. federal motor vehicle safety standard and SAE association's standard, automobile engineering of U.S.A., obtain Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) ECE certificate of the United Nations.

Technological group set Taiwan car light circle most better design, Our Company develop the past master, can make the feasible assessment and make a concrete analysis of correctly by earth car design phase, have superstrong development ability and concrete experience, with Shanghai little Zhyuan, large the Changjiang River, Taiwan mere male genital, Company's cooperation of top grade, PGO of Taiwan and good fortune of Taiwan group of us, have offered first-class product design, quality assurance and outstanding after-sale service to them.

We have department that designs car light, type such functional departments as departments that casts core, accurate mould development department,etc.,Our products superior to the level of the same trade or business and offer stronger guarantee for being faster, more perfect mainly; We design / wait for 3D CAD style and person who design professional car light, project of organization and optics of LED/ design while being reverse in now, and then try doing, mixing all, function test, shutting the car etc. In mold design, development, products; It has design and develop person which lets products not to produce to have to manage to examine to channel into and according to design and has it has it has it make a self-criticism, improve to go on to demand only to mix, develop experience and obtain international authentication with the abundant car light.

Taiwan department for is it accord with high-quality products, customer of demand we have specialized car light production, assembly line and make equipment by oneself in Guangdong, Zhejiang to produce light, for instance: Shoot the shaping, vacuum and electroplate, mix all room, ring to examine the room, assembly line etc., Which has given security in order to produce the first-class products; We is it reflect light slice with combine together by technology by LED, is it produce and make management, idea, QCD of terms of Cheng to use to combine, channel managing Cheng most effectively into the optimization and make, throw the newest equipment into the optimization to research and develop, reflect light slice high-quality to take, expand product diversified Ministry of State Security with advanced technology of the unique intention own product march toward world constantly.

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