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Jota Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: -Europe -North and South America -Africa -Mid-East -East Asia
  • Business Type: Buying agent,Exporter,Manufacturer
  • OEM Services : Yes
  • Established date: 1991


JOTA Video:

JOTA was established in 1991. With our serious effort in the bearing field for nearly twenty years, we are fully aware of the extreme target of all the end users which is to provide them with complete specification, high quality and the lowest possible economic bearings. In order to supply even more stable quality to our vast customers,we established a factory in Ningbo which has recognized by special ISO. The various bearings we produce there have been inspected and confirmed by SGS to be RoHS compliant. We are reliable and professional manufacturer of BEARINGs. For more than twenty years we have been exporting Bearings and shipped considerable quantities to worldwide markets. We therefore look forward with much interest to having the privilege of your requirement.

Well organized with experienced teams that have a thorough knowledge of the requirements and the taste of your market. In addition to this, our close connections with our joint venture manufacturer and many leading factories and our investigation into the foreign traffic situation place us in a position to render the fullest satisfaction to our clients.

Our products range are mainly including:
Ball Bearings, Miniature Ball Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Self-Aligning Ball Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, Tension Bearing, Drawn Cup Roller Clutches (One Way Bearings), Pillow Block Bearing Unit, Cam Follower, Spherical Plain Bearings, Self Lubrication Bearings, Linear Bearing, Pressed Bearings, Balls, shafts, plain steel washers & Rollers & Needles, Automobile Bearings, Sporting and leisuring bearing, Dental Bearings, Industrial Bearings, mechanical apparatus bearing, sport gear bearing, leisure model bearing, air and power tool bearing, precision instruments bearing, medical equipment bearings and Agricultural Bearings, etc., which are used for various kinds of applications.

Our strong lines:
Ball Bearings (from smallest sizes to 6xx6).
Miniature bearings
Needle bearings
Tension Bearings (with eccentric shaft/tapping hole)
Cam followers
Non-standard bearings & customer-made bearings
Spherical plain bearings & Ball joint rod ends
Pressed bearings
Sleeve bearings
Linear system
Bushings, sleeve bearings
OEM projects
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Popular bearing pattern no.: HK910, R6, R8, HK1212, 6000ZZ, 6001, 6003, 6200, 607, 608, 625, 626, 628, 684, 696, 6000, L137022ZZ, 676, 688, 698, 609, 6700, FC6, 686, L1050, L1150Y04, 688, 608, 693, 695, R2ZZ, R4ZZ, R166ZZ, L1050ZZ, 688ZZ, R3ZZ, R8ZZ, R168ZZ, 695ZZ, 608ZZ, 687ZZ, R166ZZ, 693ZZ, 696ZZ, 695ZZ, L520ZZ, 681XZZ, 609, L1370, 6203, 6001, 6900, 6200, 6201, 6901, 608ZZ, 6200ZZ, 6202ZZ, R10ZZ, 6001ZZ, 6201ZZ, R8ZZ, 6802, 6902, 6002, 6901, 6201, 6004, 694, 6002, GE8, 624ZZ, 688ZZ, 608ZZ, R3ZZ, 626ZZ, 6906ZZ, 6301, TA1515, 6203, 6903, R8, 6804, HK1012, 6803, L520ZZ.

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*Engine bearing
*Road Wheel bearing
*Cooling System bearing
*Fuel/Oil/Water Pump bearing.
*Gauges bearing.
*Motorcycle bearing.
*Car water pump bearing.
*Luggage bearing
*Handtrucks bearnig & High-Lift Truck bearing
*Hydraulic Drives, System bearing.
*Filing Rack bearing
*Shoe Making Machine bearing
*Toy bearing

Jota Bearing Co., Ltd.

Business Information

Business Type Buying agent,Exporter,Manufacturer
Capital 100,000 - 500,000
Annual Turnover 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Number of employee 70
CEO Zheng-Huang, Lin
Products/ Services we offer Our products range are mainly including: Ball Bearings, Miniature Ball Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Self-Aligning Ball Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, Tension Bearing, Drawn Cup Roller Clutches (One Way Bearings), Pillow Block Bearing Unit, Cam Follower, Spherical Plain Bearings, Self Lubrication Bearings, Linear Bearing, Pressed Bearings, Balls, shafts, plain steel washers & Rollers & Needles, Automobile Bearings, Sporting and leisuring bearing, Dental Bearings, Industrial Bearings, mechanical apparatus bearing, sport gear bearing, leisure model bearing, air and power tools bearing, precision instruments bearing, medical equipment bearings and Agricultural Bearings, mobile/vehicle/trailer/motorcycle aftersales, etc., which are used for various kinds of applications. Our strong lines: Ball Bearings (from smallest sizes to 6xx6). Miniature bearings Needle bearings Tension Bearings (with eccentric shaft/tapping hole) Cam followers Non-standard bearings & customer-made bearings Spherical plain bearings & Ball joint rod ends Pressed bearings Sleeve bearings Linear system Bushings, sleeve bearings OEM projects Access our website ( you can learn more of our company profile and product information. Spherical Plain Bearings Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list CFH GE4E SB12 PHS5 POS5 RBH5 CF3 CF3 GE5E SB15 PHS6 POS6 RBH6 CF4 CF4 GE6E SB20 PHS8 POS8 RBH8 CF5 CF5 GE8E SB22 PHS10 POS10 RBH10 CF6 CF6 GE10E SB25 PHS12 POS12 RBH12 CF8 CF8 GE12E SB30 PHS14 POS14 RBH14 CF10 CF10 GE15E SB35 PHS16 POS16 RBH16 CF10-1 CF10-1 GE17ES SB40 PHS18 POS18 RBH18 CF12 CF12 GE20ES SB45 PHS20 POS20 RBH20 CF12-1 CF12-1 GE25ES SB50 PHS22 POS22 RBH22 CF16 CF16 GE30ES SB55 PHS25 POS25 CF18 CF18 GE35ES SB60 PHS30 POS30 CF20 CF20 GE40ES SB65 CF20-1 CF20-1 GE45ES SB70 CF24 CF24 GE50ES SB75 CF24-1 CF24-1 GE60ES SB80 CF30 CF30 GE70ES SB85 CF30-1 CF30-1 GE80ES SB90 CF30-2 CF30-2 GE90ES SB95 GE100ES SB100 GE110ES SB110 GE120ES SB115 GE140ES SB120 GE160ES SB130 GE180ES SB150 GE200ES GE220ES GE240ES GE260ES Needle Thrust Bearing Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list NTB1024 AS1024 WS1024 K5*8*8TN K14*18*10 K35*40*13 NTB1226 AS1226 WS1226 K5*8*10TN K14*18*13 K35*40*17 NTB1528 AS1528 WS1528 K6*9*8TN K14*18*15 K35*40*27TN NTB1629 AS1629 WS1629 K6*9*10TN K14*18*17 K35*42*16 NTB1730 AS1730 WS1730 K6*10*13TN K14*20*12 K35*42*18 NTB1831 AS1831 WS1831 K7*10*8TN K15*19*10 K35*42*30 NTB2035 AS2035 WS2035 K7*10*10TN K15*19*13 K37*42*17 NTB2542 AS2542 WS2542 K8*11*10TN K15*19*17 K38*43*17 NTB3047 AS3047 WS3047 K8*11*13TN K15*20*13 K38*46*20 NTB3552 AS3552 WS3052 K8*12*10TN K15*21*15 K38*46*32 NTB4060 AS4060 WS3552 K9*12*10TN K15*21*21 K40*45*17 NTB4565 AS4565 WS3562 K9*12*13TN K16*20*10 K40*45*27 NTB5070 AS5070 WS4060 K10*13*10TN K16*20*13 K40*46*17 NTB5578 AS5578 WS4068 K10*13*13TN K16*20*17 K40*47*18 NTB6085 AS6085 WS4565 K10*14*10TN K16*22*12 K40*48*20 NTB6590 AS6590 WS4573 K10*14*13TN K16*22*13 KK40*45*30 NTB7095 AS7095 WS5070 K10*16*12TN K16*22*16 K42*47*13 NTB75100 AS75100 WS5078 K12*15*10TN K16*22*20 K42*47*17 NTB80105 AS80105 WS5578 K12*15*13TN K16*24*20 K42*47*27 NTB85110 AS85110 WS5590 K12*16*13TN K17*21*10 K42*50*20 NTB90120 AS90120 WS6085 K12*17*13TN K17*21*13 K43*48*17 NTB100135 AS100135 WS6095 K12*18*12TN K17*21*17 K43*48*27 NTB110145 WS60130 K18*22*10 K43*50*18 NTB120155 WS6590 K18*22*13 K45*50*17 NTB130170 WS65100 K18*22*17 K45*50*27 WS7095 K18*24*12 K45*52*18 WS70105 K18*24*13 K45*53*20 WS70140 K18*24*20 K45*53*28 WS75100 K18*25*22 K47*52*17 WS75110 K19*23*13 K47*52*27 WS80105 K19*23*17 K50*55*20 WS80115 K20*24*10 K50*55*30 WS80150 K20*24*13 K50*57*18 WS85110 K20*24*17 K50*58*20 WS85125 K20*26*12 K50*58*25 WS90120 K20*26*13 K52*57*12 WS90135 K20*26*17 K55*60*20 WS90160 K20*26*20 K55*60*30 WS100135 K20*28*20 K55*62*18 WS100150 K20*28*25 KK55*60*40 WS100190 K20*30*30 KK58*65*36 WS110145 K21*25*13 K60*65*20 WS110160 K21*25*17 K60*65*30 WS110200 K22*26*10 K60*68*20 WS120155 K22*26*13 K60*68*23 WS120175 K22*26*17 K60*68*25 WS120220 K22*28*17 K65*70*20 WS130170 K22*29*16 K65*70*30 K22*30*15TN K65*73*23 K24*28*10 K65*73*30 K24*28*13 K68*74*20 K24*28*17 K68*74*30 K25*29*10 K70*76*20 K25*29*13 K70*76*30 K25*29*17 K70*78*25 K25*30*20 K70*78*30 K25*31*17 K72*80*20 K25*31*21 K73*79*20 K25*32*16 K75*81*20 K25*33*20 K75*81*30 K25*33*24 K75*83*23 K25*35*30 K75*83*30 K26*30*10 K80*86*20 K26*30*13 K80*86*30 K26*30*17 K80*88*30 K28*33*13 K85*92*20 K28*33*17 K90*97*20 K28*33*27TN K90*98*27 K28*34*17 K90*98*30 K28*35*16 K95*103*30 K28*35*18 K100*107*21 K30*34*13 K100*108*27 K30*35*13 K100*108*30 K30*35*17 K105*112*21 K30*35*27 K105*113*30 K30*37*16 K110*117*24 K30*37*18 K110*118*30 K30*40*30 K115*123*27 K32*37*13 K120*127*24 K32*37*17 K125*133*35 K32*37*27 K130*137*24 K32*38*20 K135*143*35 K32*39*16 K145*153*26 K32*40*25 K145*153*36 KK32*40*36 K150*160*46 KK32*40*42TN K155*163*26 K155*163*36 K160*170*46 K165*173*26 K170*180*46 K175*183*32 K185*195*37 K195*205*37 K210*220*42 K220*230*42 K240*250*42 K265*280*50 Spherical Roller Bearing Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list CD, CDK, AK, A, K, CAK, CAK30 21305CD 21305CDK 22308CD 22211CD 21319A 22319 22320CA 23122CA 24122CA 23222CA 24024CA 24124CA 21306CD 21306CDK 22309CD 22212CD 21320A 22320 22322CA 23124CA 24124CA 23224CA 24026CA 24126CA 21307CD 21307CDK 22310CD 22213CD 22321 22324CA 23126CA 24126CA 23226CA 24028CA 24128CA 21308CD 21308CDK 22311CD 22214CD 22322 22326CA 23128CA 24128CA 23228CA 24030CA 24130CA 21309CD 21309CDK 22312CD 22215CD 22323 22328CA 23130CA 24130CA 23230CA 24032CA 24132CA 21310CD 21310CDK 22313CD 22216CD 22324 22330CA 23132CA 24132CA 23232CA 24034CA 24134CA 21311CD 21311CDK 22314CD 22217CD 22325 22332CA 23134CA 24134CA 23234CA 24036CA 24136CA 21312CD 21312CDK 22315CD 22218CD 22326 22334CA 23136CA 24136CA 23236CA 24038CA 24138CA 21313CD 21313CDK 22316CD 22219CD 22328 22336CA 23138CA 24138CA 23238CA 24040CA 24140CA 21314CD 21314CDK 22317CD 22220CD 22330 22338CA 23140CA 24140CA 23240CA 24044CA 24144CA 21315CD 21315CDK 22318CD 22332 22340CA 23144CA 24144CA 23244CA 24048CA 24148CA 21316CD 21316CDK 22319CD 22334 22344CA 23148CA 24148CA 23248CA 24052CA 24152CA 21317CD 21317CDK 22320CD 22336 22348CA 23152CA 24152CA 23252CA 24056CA 24156CA 21318CD 21318CDK 22338 22352CA 23156CA 24156CA 23256CA 24060CA 24160CA 21319CD 21319CDK 22340 22356CA 23160CA 24160CA 23260CA 24064CA 24164CA 21320CD 21320CDK 22344 22360CA 23164CA 24164CA 23264CA 24068CA 24168CA 22348 22364CA 23168CA 24168CA 23268CA 24072CA 24172CA 22352 22368CA 23172CA 24172CA 23272CA 24076CA 24176CA 22356 22372CA 23176CA 24176CA 23276CA 22360 22376CA 22364 22368 22372 22376 Cylindrical Roller Bearings Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list NU, NJ, N NF NU204 NU204EWS NU2204 NU2204EWS NU304 NU304EWS NU2304 NU2304EWS NU405 NN3005 NU205 NU205EWS NU2205 NU2205EWS NU305 NU305EWS NU2305 NU2305EWS NU406 NN3006 NU206 NU206EWS NU2206 NU2206EWS NU306 NU306EWS NU2306 NU2306EWS NU407 NN3007 NU207 NU207EWS NU2207 NU2207EWS NU307 NU307EWS NU2307 NU2307EWS NU408 NN3008 NU208 NU208EWS NU2208 NU2208EWS NU308 NU308EWS NU2308 NU2308EWS NU409 NN3009 NU209 NU209EWS NU2209 NU2209EWS NU309 NU309EWS NU2309 NU2309EWS NU410 NN3010 NU210 NU210EWS NU2210 NU2210EWS NU310 NU310EWS NU2310 NU2310EWS NU411 NN3011 NU211 NU211EWS NU2211 NU2211EWS NU311 NU311EWS NU2311 NU2311EWS NU412 NN3012 NU212 NU212EWS NU2212 NU2212EWS NU312 NU312EWS NU2312 NU2312EWS NU413 NN3013 NU213 NU213EWS NU2213 NU2213EWS NU313 NU313EWS NU2313 NU2313EWS NU414 NN3014 NU214 NU214EWS NU2214 NU2214EWS NU314 NU314EWS NU2314 NU2314EWS NU415 NN3015 NU215 NU215EWS NU2215 NU2215EWS NU315 NU315EWS NU2315 NU2315EWS NU416 NN3016 NU216 NU216EWS NU2216 NU2216EWS NU316 NU316EWS NU2316 NU2316EWS NU417 NN3017 NU217 NU217EWS NU2217 NU2217EWS NU317 NU317EWS NU2317 NU2317EWS NU418 NN3018 NU218 NU218EWS NU2218 NU2218EWS NU318 NU318EWS NU2318 NU2318EWS NU419 NN3019 NU219 NU219EWS NU2219 NU2219EWS NU319 NU319EWS NU2319 NU2319EWS NU420 NNU4920 NU220 NU220EWS NU2220 NU2220EWS NU320 NU320EWS NU2320 NU2320EWS NU421 NN3020 NU221 NU221EWS NU2221 NU2221EWS NU321 NU321EWS NU2321 NU2321EWS NU422 NNU4921 NU222 NU222EWS NU2222 NU2222EWS NU322 NU322EWS NU2322 NU2322EWS NU424 NN3021 NU224 NU224EWS NU2224 NU2224EWS NU324 NU324EWS NU2324 NU2324EWS NU426 NNU4922 NU226 NU226EWS NU2226 NU2226EWS NU326 NU326EWS NU2326 NU2326EWS NU428 NN3022 NU228 NU228EWS NU2228 NU2228EWS NU328 NU328EM NU2328 NU2328EM NU430 NNU4924 NU230 NU230EM NU2230 NU2230EM NU330 NU330EM NU2330 NU2330EM NN3024 NU232 NU232EM NU2232 NU2232EM NU332 NU332EM NU2332 NU2332EM NNU4926 NU234 NU234EM NU2234 NU2234EM NU334 NU2334 NN3026 NU236 NU236EM NU2236 NU2236EM NU336 NU2336 NNU4928 NU238 NU238EM NU2238 NU2238EM NU338 NU2338 NN3028 NU240 NU240EM NU2240 NU2240EM NU340 NU2340 NU244 NU2244 NU344 NU248 NU2248 NU348 Angular Contact Ball Bearing Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list A=30° B=44° C=15° 7000A 7000B 7000C 7200A 7200B 7200C 7300A 7300B 7300C 5200 7001A 7001B 7001C 7201A 7201B 7201C 7301A 7301B 7301C 5201 7002A 7002B 7002C 7202A 7202B 7202C 7302A 7302B 7302C 5202 7003A 7003B 7003C 7203A 7203B 7203C 7303A 7303B 7303C 5203 7004A 7004B 7004C 7204A 7204B 7204C 7304A 7304B 7304C 5204 7005A 7005B 7005C 7205A 7205B 7205C 7305A 7305B 7305C 5205 7006A 7006B 7006C 7206A 7206B 7206C 7306A 7306B 7306C 5206 7007A 7007B 7007C 7207A 7207B 7207C 7307A 7307B 7307C 5207 7008A 7008B 7008C 7208A 7208B 7208C 7308A 7308B 7308C 5208 7009A 7009B 7009C 7209A 7209B 7209C 7309A 7309B 7309C 5209 7010A 7010B 7010C 7210A 7210B 7210C 7310A 7310B 7310C 5210 7011A 7011B 7011C 7211A 7211B 7211C 7311A 7311B 7311C 5211 7012A 7012B 7012C 7212A 7212B 7212C 7312A 7312B 7312C 5212 7013A 7013B 7013C 7213A 7213B 7213C 7313A 7313B 7313C 5213 7014A 7014B 7014C 7214A 7214B 7214C 7314A 7314B 7314C 5214 7015A 7015B 7015C 7215A 7215B 7215C 7315A 7315B 7315C 5215 7016A 7016B 7016C 7216A 7216B 7216C 7316A 7316B 7316C 7017A 7017B 7017C 7217A 7217B 7217C 7317A 7317B 7317C 7018A 7018B 7018C 7218A 7218B 7218C 7318A 7318B 7318C 7019A 7019B 7019C 7219A 7219B 7219C 7319A 7319B 7319C 7020A 7020B 7020C 7220A 7220B 7220C 7320A 7320B 7320C 7021A 7021B 7021C 7221A 7221B 7221C 7321A 7321B 7321C 7022A 7022B 7022C 7222A 7222B 7222C 7322A 7322B 7322C 7024A 7024B 7224A 7224B 7324A 7324B Deep Groove Ball Bearing Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No 6000 6200 6300 6800 6900 16001 60/22 6810 6910 16010 6010 6210 6310 62200 62301 63200 63302 RLS4 1601 6001 6201 6301 6801 6901 16002 62/22 6811 6911 16011 6011 6211 6311 62201 62302 63201 63303 RLS5 1602 6002 6202 6302 6802 6902 16003 63/22 6812 6912 16012 6012 6212 6312 62202 62303 63202 63304 RLS6 1603 6003 6203 6303 6803 6903 16004 60/28 6813 6913 16013 6013 6213 6313 62203 62304 63203 63305 RLS7 1604 6004 6204 6304 6804 6904 16005 62/28 6814 6914 16014 6014 6214 6314 62204 62305 63204 63306 RLS8 1605 6005 6205 6305 6805 6905 16006 63/28 6815 6915 16015 6015 6215 6315 62205 62306 63205 63307 RLS9 1606 6006 6206 6306 6806 6906 16007 60/32 6816 6916 16016 6016 6216 6316 62206 62307 63206 RLS10 1607 6007 6207 6307 6807 6907 16008 62/32 6817 6917 16017 6017 6217 6317 62207 63207 RLS11 1614 6008 6208 6308 6808 6908 16009 63/32 6818 6918 16018 6018 6218 6318 62208 63208 RLS12 1615 6009 6209 6309 6809 6909 6819 6919 16019 6019 6219 6319 62209 63209 RMS4 1616 6820 6920 16020 6020 6220 6320 62210 RMS5 1620 6821 6921 16021 6021 6221 6321 RMS6 1621 6822 6922 16022 6022 6222 6322 RMS7 1622 6824 6924 16024 6024 6224 6324 RMS8 1623 6826 6926 16026 6026 6226 6326 RMS9 1628 6828 6928 16028 6028 6228 6328 RMS10 1630 6830 6930 16030 6030 6230 6330 1633 6832 6932 16032 6032 6232 6332 1635 6834 6934 16034 6034 6234 6334 1638 6836 6936 16036 6036 6236 6336 1640 6838 6938 16038 6038 6238 6338 1641 6840 6940 16040 6040 6240 6340 6844 6944 16044 6044 6244 6848 6948 16048 6048 6248 Pillow Blocks Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list UCP, UKP+H, UCPH, UCPA, UP, SBPP, UFL, UCFL, UKFL+H, UCF, UKF+H, UCFA, UCFC, UKFC+H, UCFS, UKFS+H, UCT, UKT+H, UCECH, UCFK, UCP201 UCP305 UCPX05 UKP205+H2305 UKPX05+H2305 UKP305+H2305 UCPH201 UCPA201 UP000 SBPP201 UFL000 UCFL201 UCFL305 UCFLX05 UKFL205+H2305 UKFL305+H2305 UKFLX05+H2305 UKF205+H2305 UKF305+H2305 UKFX05+H2305 UCFA201 UCFC201 UCFCX05 UKFC205+H2305 UCF305 UCP202 UCP306 UCPX06 UKP206+H2306 UKPX06+H2306 UKP306+H2306 UCPH202 UCPA202 UP001 SBPP202 UFL001 UCFL202 UCFL306 UCFLX06 UKFL206+H2306 UKFL306+H2306 UKFLX06+H2306 UKF206+H2306 UKF306+H2306 UKFX06+H2306 UCFA202 UCFC202 UCFCX06 UKFC206+H2306 UCF306 UCP203 UCP307 UCPX07 UKP207+H2307 UKPX07+H2307 UKP307+H2307 UCPH203 UCPA203 UP002 SBPP203 UFL002 UCFL203 UCFL307 UCFLX07 UKFL207+H2307 UKFL307+H2307 UKFLX07+H2307 UKF207+H2307 UKF307+H2307 UKFX07+H2307 UCFA203 UCFC203 UCFCX07 UKFC207+H2307 UCF307 UCP204 UCP308 UCPX08 UKP208+H2308 UKPX08+H2308 UKP308+H2308 UCPH204 UCPA204 UP003 SBPP204 UFL003 UCFL204 UCFL308 UCFLX08 UKFL208+H2308 UKFL308+H2308 UKFLX08+H2308 UKF208+H2308 UKF308+H2308 UKFX08+H2308 UCFA204 UCFC204 UCFCX08 UKFC208+H2308 UCF308 UCP205 UCP309 UCPX09 UKP209+H2309 UKPX09+H2309 UKP309+H2309 UCPH205 UCPA205 UP004 SBPP205 UFL004 UCFL205 UCFL309 UCFLX09 UKFL209+H2309 UKFL309+H2309 UKFLX09+H2309 UKF209+H2309 UKF309+H2309 UKFX09+H2309 UCFA205 UCFC205 UCFCX09 UKFC209+H2309 UCF309 UCP206 UCP310 UCPX10 UKP210+H2310 UKPX10+H2310 UKP310+H2310 UCPH206 UCPA206 UP005 SBPP206 UFL005 UCFL206 UCFL310 UCFLX10 UKFL210+H2310 UKFL310+H2310 UKFLX010+H2310 UKF210+H2310 UKF310+H2310 UKFX10+H2310 UCFA206 UCFC206 UCFCX10 UKFC210+H2310 UCF310 UCP207 UCP311 UCPX11 UKP211+H2311 UKPX11+H2311 UKP311+H2311 UCPH207 UCPA207 UP006 SBPP207 UFL006 UCFL207 UCFL311 UKFL211+H2311 UKFL311+H2311 UKF211+H2311 UKF311+H2311 UKFX11+H2311 UCFA207 UCFC207 UCFCX11 UKFC211+H2311 UCF311 UCP208 UCP312 UCPX12 UKP212+H2312 UKPX12+H2312 UKP312+H2312 UCPH208 UCPA208 UP08 UFL08 UCFL208 UCFL312 UKFL212+H2312 UKFL312+H2312 UKF212+H2312 UKF312+H2312 UKFX12+H2312 UCFA208 UCFC208 UCFCX12 UKFC212+H2312 UCF312 UCP209 UCP313 UCPX13 UKP213+H2313 UKPX13+H2313 UKP313+H2313 UCPH209 UCPA209 UCFL209 UCFL313 UKFL213+H2313 UKFL313+H2313 UKF213+H2313 UKF313+H2313 UKFX13+H2313 UCFA209 UCFC209 UCFCX13 UKFC213+H2313 UCF313 UCP210 UCP314 UCPX14 UKP214+H2314 UKPX14+H2314 UKP314+H2314 UCPH210 UCPA210 UCFL210 UCFL314 UKFL214+H2314 UKFL314+H2314 UKF214+H2314 UKF314+H2314 UKFX14+H2314 UCFA210 UCFC210 UCFCX14 UKFC214+H2314 UCF314 UCP211 UCP315 UCPX15 UKP215+H2315 UKPX15+H2315 UKP315+H2315 UCFL211 UCFL315 UKFL215+H2315 UKFL315+H2315 UKF215+H2315 UKF315+H2315 UKFX15+H2315 UCFA211 UCFC211 UCFCX15 UKFC215+H2315 UCF315 UCP212 UCP316 UCPX16 UKP216+H2316 UKPX16+H2316 UKP316+H2316 UCFL212 UCFL316 UKFL216+H2316 UKFL316+H2316 UKF216+H2316 UKF316+H2316 UKFX16+H2316 UCFC212 UCFCX16 UKFC216+H2316 UCF316 UCP213 UCP317 UCPX17 UKP217+H2317 UKPX17+H2317 UKP317+H2317 UCFL213 UCFL317 UKFL217+H2317 UKFL317+H2317 UKF217+H2317 UKF317+H2317 UKFX17+H2317 UCFC213 UCFCX17 UKFC217+H2317 UCF317 UCP214 UCP318 UCPX18 UKP218+H2318 UKPX18+H2318 UKP318+H2318 UCFL214 UCFL318 UKFL218+H2318 UKFL318+H2318 UKF218+H2318 UKF318+H2318 UKFX18+H2318 UCFC214 UCFCX18 UKFC218+H2318 UCF318 UCP215 UCP319 UCPX19 UKPX20+H2320 UKP319+H2319 UCFL215 UCFL319 UKFL319+H2319 UKF319+H2319 UKPX20+H2320 UCFC215 UCFCX20 UKFC+H UCF319 UCP216 UCP320 UCPX20 UKP320+H2320 UCFL216 UCFL320 UKFL320+H2320 UKF320+H2320 UCFC216 UCF320 UCP217 UCP321 UKP322+H2322 UCFL217 UCFL321 UKFL322+H2322 UKF322+H2322 UCFC217 UCF321 UCP218 UCP322 UKP324+H2324 UCFL218 UCFL322 UKFL324+H2324 UKF324+H2324 UCFC218 UCF322 UCP324 UKP326+H2326 UCFL324 UKFL326+H2326 UKF326+H2326 UCF324 UCP326 UKP328+H2328 UCFL326 UKFL328+H2328 UKF328+H2328 UCF326 UCP328 UCFL328 UCF328 Drawn Cup Roller Clutches (one way bearing needle bearing) Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list FC-4K RC-040708 FC-6 RC-040708-FS FC-6K RC-061008 FC-8 RC-061008-FS FCL-8K RC-081208 FC-10 RC-081208-FS FCL-10K RC-101410 FC-12 RC-101410-FS FC-14K RC-121610 FC-16 RC-121610-FS FC-20 RC-162110 FC-25 RC-162110-FS FC-30 RCB-061014 FCB-8 RCB-061014-FS FCB-10 RCB-081214 FCB-12 RCB-081214-FS FCB-16 RCB-101416 FCB-20 RCB-101416-FS FCB-25 RCB-121616 FCB-30 RCB-121616-FS RCB-162117 RCB-162117-FS Needle Roller Bearings Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list BA(SCE), BHA, BAM, BHAM, YB, YBH, TA, TAW, TLA(HK), RNA, NA, TAF(NK) BA44 TA810 TAW5045 TLA48 TLAW2538 RNA4822 RNA4900 RNA49-22 RNA6901 TAF71410 TAFI-7510535 BA45 TA815 TAW5545 TLA59 TLAW3038 RNA4824 RNA4901 RNA49-28 RNA6902 TAF71412 TAFI-8011025 BA47 TA820 TAW5550 TLA69 RNA4826 RNA4902 RNA49-32 RNA6903 TAF81512 TAFI-8011035 BA55 TA912 TAW6045 TLA79 RNA4828 RNA4903 RNA69-22 RNA6904 TAF81516 TAFI-8511526 BA56 TA916 TAW6050 TLA810 RNA4830 RNA4904 RNA69-28 RNA6905 TAF91612 TAFI-8511536 BA57 TA1010 TAW6545 TLA910 RNA4832 RNA4905 RNA69-32 RNA6906 TAF91616 TAFI-9012026 BA59 TA1012 TAW6550 TLA912 RNA4834 RNA4906 RNA6907 TAF101712 TAFI-7012036 BA65 TA1015 TAW7050 TLA1010 RNA4836 RNA4907 RNA6908 TAF101716 TAFI-9512526 BA66 TA1020 TLA1012 RNA4838 RNA4908 RNA6909 TAF121912 TAFI-8512536 BA68 TA1212 TLA1015 RNA4840 RNA4909 RNA6910 TAF121916 TAFI-10013030 BA610 TA1215 TLA1210 RNA4844 RNA4910 RNA6911 TAF142216 TAFI-10013040 BA78 TA1220 TLA1212 RNA4848 RNA4911 RNA6912 TAF142220 BA85 TA1225 TLA1312 RNA4852 RNA4912 RNA6913 TAF152316 BA86 TA1416 TLA1412 RNA4856 RNA4913 RNA6914 TAF152320 BA87 TA1420 TLA1416 RNA4860 RNA4914 RNA6915 TAF162416 BA88 TA1510 TLA1512 RNA4864 RNA4915 RNA6916 TAF162420 BA810 TA1512 TLA1516 RNA4868 RNA4916 RNA6917 TAF172516 BA812 TA1515 TLA1522 RNA4872 RNA4917 RNA6918 TAF172520 BA95 TA1520 TLA1612 RNA4918 RNA6919 TAF182616 BA96 TA1525 TLA1616 RNA4919 TAF182620 BA97 TA1616 TLA1622 RNA4920 TAF192716 BA98 TA1620 TLA1712 RNA4922 TAF192720 BA910 TA1715 TLA1812 RNA4924 TAF202816 BA912 TA1720 TLA1816 RNA4926 TAF202820 BA105 TA1725 TLA2012 RNA4928 TAF212916 BA107 TA1813 TLA2016 RNA4930 TAF212920 BA108 TA1815 TLA2020 TAF223016 BA1012 TA1817 TLA2030 TAF223020 BA1014 TA1819 TLA2212 TAF233116 BA1061 TA1820 TLA2216 TAF233120 BA116 TA1825 TLA2220 TAF243216 BA118 TA1916 TLA2512 TAF243220 BA1110 TA1920 TLA2516 TAF253316 BA1112 TA2015 TLA2520 TAF253320 BA126 TA2020 TLA2526 TAF263416 BA128 TA2025 TLA2816 TAF263420 BA1210 TA2030 TLA2820 TAF283720 BA1212 TA202820 TLA3012 TAF283730 BA1214 TA2116 TLA3016 TAF293820 BA1216 TA2120 TLA3018 TAF293830 BA136 TA2210 TLA3020 TAF304020 BA138 TA2215 TLA3026 TAF304030 BA1310 TA2220 TLA3512 TAF324220 BA1312 TA2225 TLA3516 TAF324230 BA1314 TA2230 TLA3520 TAF354520 BA1316 TA223016 TLA4012 TAF354530 BA1320 TA223020 TLA4016 TAF374720 BA146 TA2420 TLA4020 TAF374730 BA148 TA2428 TLA4516 TAF384820 BA1412 TA243216 TLA4520 TAF384830 BA1414 TA243220 TLA5020 TAF405020 BA1416 TA2510 TLA5025 TAF405030 BA1422 TA2515 TLA5520 TAF425220 BA1510 TA2520 TLA5525 TAF425230 BA1515 TA2525 TAF435320 BA166 TA2530 TAF435330 BA167 TA2616 TAF455520 BA168 TA2620 TAF455530 BA1612 TA2820 TAF475720 BA1614 TA2830 TAF475730 BA1616 TA2920 TAF506225 BA1620 TA2930 TAF506235 BA1710 TA3013 TAF556825 BA186 TA3015 TAF556835 BA188 TA3020 TAF607225 BA1812 TA3025 TAF607235 BA1816 TA3030 TAF657825 BA1820 TA3220 TAF657835 BA1910 TA3230 TAF688225 BA1916 TA3512 TAF688235 BA208 TA3515 TAF708525 BA2010 TA3520 TAF708535 BA2012 TA3525 TAF739025 BA2016 TA3530 TAF739035 BA2020 TA3720 TAF759225 BA218 TA3730 TAF759235 BA2110 TA3815 TAF809525 BA2112 TA3820 TAF809535 BA228 TA3825 TAF8510525 BA2212 TA3830 TAF8510535 BA2216 TA3845 TAF9011025 BA2220 TA4015 TAF9011035 BA248 TA4020 TAF9511526 BA2410 TA4025 TAF9511536 BA2412 TA4030 TAF10012026 BA2414 TA4040 TAF10012036 BA2416 TA4520 TAF10512526 BA2420 TA4525 TAF10512536 BA268 TA4530 TAF11013030 BA2610 TA4540 TAF11013040 BA2620 TA5012 BA2812 TA5015 BA2816 TA5020 BA2824 TA5025 BA308 TA5030 BA3010 TA5040 BA3016 TA5520 BA328 TA5525 BA3216 TA5530 BA3220 TA5540 BA3224 TA6025 BA3228 TA6030 BA3416 TA6040 BA3424 TA6212 BA4216 TA6525 BA4416 TA6530 BA4420 TA7025 TA7030 TA7040 Taper roller Bearings Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list 30202 HR30302J HR30303J HR32304J HR32004XJ HR320/22XJ 30305D HR32203 HR32004XJ HR30307DJ 30317DX LM11749/10 30305 HR30203J HR30304J HR32305J HR32005XJ HR320/28XJ 30306D HR32204 HR32005XJ HR30308DJ 30318DX LM11949/10 30306 HR30204J HR30305J HR32306J HR32006XJ HR320/32XJ 30307DJ HR32205 HR32006XJ HR30309DJ M12649/10 30317 HR30205J HR30306J HR32307J HR32007XJ HR320/22 30308DJ HR32206J HR32007XJ HR30310DJ LM12749/10 32317 HR30206J HR30307J HR32308J HR32008XJ HR322/22 30309DJ HR32207J HR32008XJ HR30311DJ LM12749/11 30318 HR30207J HR30308J HR32309J HR32009XJ HR303/22 30310DJ HR32208J HR32009XJ HR30312DJ 533370 32318 HR30208J HR30309J HR32310J HR32010XJ HR302/28 30311DJ HR32209J HR32010XJ HR30313DJ 542327 30319 HR30209J HR30310J HR32311J HR32011XJ HR322/28 30312DJ HR32210J HR32011XJ HR30314DJ L44643/10 32319 HR30210J HR30311J HR32312J HR32012XJ HR303/28 30313DJ HR32211J HR32012XJ HR30315DJ L44649/10 30320 HR30211J HR30312J HR32313J HR32013XJ HR302/32 30314DJ HR32212J HR32013XJ HR30316DJ L45449/10 32320 HR30212J HR30313J HR32314J HR32014XJ HR322/32 30315DJ HR32213J HR32014XJ HR30317DJ M86649/10 30321 HR30213J HR30314J HR32315J HR32015XJ HR303/32 30316DJ HR32214J HR32015XJ HR30318DJ LM67048/10 32321 HR30214J HR30315J HR32316J HR32016XJ 30317DJ HR32215J HR32016XJ HR30319DJ 15123/250 30222 HR30215J HR30316J HR32317J HR32017XJ 30318DJ HR32216J HR32017XJ 15123/245 32222 HR30216J HR30317J HR32318J HR32018XJ 30319DJ HR32217J HR32018XJ 14125A/276 30322 HR30217J HR30318J HR32319J HR32019XJ HR32218J HR32019XJ LM48548/10 32924 HR30218J HR30319J HR32320J HR32020XJ HR32219J HR32020XJ HM88649/10 32024 HR30219J HR30320J HR32321J HR32021XJ HR32220J HR32021XJ L68149/10 30224 HR30220J HR30321J HR32322J HR32022XJ HR32221J HR32022XJ L68149/11 32224 HR30221J HR30322J HR32324J HR32024XJ HR32222J HR32024XJ JL68145/11-Z 30324 HR30222J HR30324J HR32026XJ HR32224J HR32026XJ LM78349/10 32324 HR30224J HR32028XJ HR32226J HR32028XJ JL69349/10 32926 HR30226J HR32030XJ HR32228J HR32030XJ LM29749/10 32026 HR30228J HR32032XJ HR32032XJ JRM3939/68XD 30226 HR30230J HR32034XJ HR32034XJ KLM300849/11 32226 HR30232J HR32036XJ HR32036XJ LM501349/10 30326 HR32038XJ HR32038XJ M802048/11 32326 HR32040XJ HR32040XJ 17887/31 32928 HR32044XJ HR32044XJ LM603049/11 32028 HR32048XJ HR32048XJ LM603049/12 30228 HR32052XJ HR32052XJ 6279/20 32228 HM518445/10 30328 HM218248/10 32328 861/845 32930 1779/1729 32030 17118/17224 30230 15118/15250 32230 M88048/10 30330 25877/21 32330 31594/20 32932 HM89449/10 32032 13889/30 30232 M201047/11 32232 18590/20 30332 24780/20 32332 32934 32034 30234 32234 30334 32334 32936 32036 30236 32236 30336 32336 32938 32038 30238 32238 30338 32338 32940 32040 30240 32240 30340 32340 32944 32044 30244 32244 30344 32344 32948 32048 30248 32248 30348 32348 32952 32052 30252 32252 Spherical Ball Bearings Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list 135 1200 2200 1300 2300 126 1201 2201 1301 2301 127 1202 2202 1302 2302 108 1203 2203 1303 2303 129 1204 2204 1304 2304 1205 2205 1305 2305 1206 2206 1306 2306 1207 2207 1307 2307 1208 2208 1308 2308 1209 2209 1309 2309 1210 2210 1310 2310 1211 2211 1311 2311 1212 2212 1312 2312 1213 2213 1313 2313 1214 2214 1314 2314 1215 2215 1315 2315 1216 2216 1316 2316 1217 2217 1317 2317 1218 2218 1318 2318 1219 2219 1319 2319 1220 2220 1320 2320 1221 2221 1321 2321 1222 2222 1322 2322 Thrust Ball Bearing Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list F2-6 F3-8M 51100 51200 51305 51405 52202 52305 52405 F2X-7 F4-9M 51101 51201 51306 51406 52204 52306 52406 F3-8 F4-10M 51102 51202 51307 51407 52205 52307 52407 F4-9 F5-10M 51103 51203 51308 51408 52206 52308 52408 F5-11 F5-12M 51104 51204 51309 51409 52207 52309 52409 F6-12 F6-12M 51105 51205 51310 51410 52208 52310 52410 F7-15 F6-14M 51106 51206 51311 51411 52209 52311 52411 F8-16 F7-15M 51107 51207 51312 51412 52210 52312 52412 F9-17 F7-17M 51108 51208 51313 51413 52211 52313 52413 F10-18 F8-19M 51109 51209 51314 51414 52212 52314 52414 F9-17M 51110 51210 51315 51415 52213 52315 52415 F9-20M 51111 51211 51316 51416 52214 52316 52416 F10-20M 51112 51212 51317 51417 52215 52317 52417 51113 51213 51318 51418 52216 52318 52418 51114 51214 51320 51420 52217 52320 52420 51115 51215 51322 51422 52218 52322 52422 51116 51216 51324 51424 52220 52324 52424 51117 51217 51326 51426 52222 52326 52426 51118 51218 51328 51428 52224 52328 52428 51120 51220 51330 51430 52226 52330 52430 51122 51222 51332 51432 52228 52332 52432 51124 51224 51334 51434 52230 52334 51126 51226 51336 51436 52232 52336 51128 51228 51338 52234 52338 51130 51230 51340 52236 52340 51132 51232 52238 51134 51234 52240 51136 51236 52244 51138 51238 51140 51240 51144 51244 51148 51248 51152 51252 51156 51256 51160 51260 51164 51264 51168 51268 51172 51272 Miniature Ball bearing Shields: ZZ/ 2RS/ OPEN Material: Stainless / GCr15 Flange: Yes/ No SPECIAL SIZE 601 623 633 673 681 691 SMT-2015 RI-2 RI-1038 602 624 634 674 682 692 2115 RI-3 RI-1212 603 625 635 675 683 693 2216 RI-3332 RI-1458 604 626 636 676 684 694 2418 RI-5 RI-1634 605 627 637 677 685 695 2520 R-144 F-2 606 628 638 678 686 696 R2-5 F-3 607 629 639 687 697 R2-6 F-4 608 688 698 R-2 F-5 609 689 699 R-155 R-156 R-166 R-3 RA-3 R-4 R-4A R-1810 R-6 R-8 R-10 R-12 R-14 R-16 R-18 R-20 R-22 R-24
Target Markets -Europe -North and South America -Africa -Mid-East -East Asia
Key customers End user Manufacturer Bearing Importer, Bearing Distributor, Bearing Wholesaler
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 4 -5 persons

Category Showroom(65 Categories)

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Address No.65, Ln. 1434, Chunri Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ,Taoyuan,Taiwan(TW)