Hatops Food Company

Organic Gummy Candy,Multi-Vitamin Gummy Candy,Fiber Gummy Candy,Calcium Gummy Bear,Kosher Gummy Candy, Manufacturer and Supplier - China(CN)


Hatops Foods Company is Founded in 1999, located in Pan Yu. Our company is a middle-sized confection manufacturer (9,000 m2). With 15 years' history in gummi candy production, Our company has passed the evaluations of ISO9001 certification, GMP certification, HACCP certification, QS certification and Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, England, France, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Czech, and the Middle East. We can manufacture more than 192 functional gummi formulars for clients from at home and abroad. We have accumulated productive technique and experience on gummi manufacture, and we also possess powerful productive capacity(5,000 kg ~ 7,000 kg daily). Our company unremittingly develops and practices the new type on management and administration on the basis of self-development. We hope to expand and continue cooperation on ordered outsourcing and other possible means of co-production with clients, and to implement resource optimization and achieve the win-win benefit. Our company wholeheartedly welcomes clients from at home and abroad to contact us and create a glorious future of cooperation and development together.
Hatops Food Company

Business Information

Business Type Manufacturer
Capital 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Annual Turnover 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Number of employee 110
Products/ Services we offer DHA/EPA Gummy Candy,Caffeine Vitamin Gummy Candy,Organic Licorice Gummy Candy,Vitamin Gummy Candy,Fiber Gummy Candy,Xylitol Gummy Candy,Kosher Vitamin Gummy Candy,Ginger Vitamin Gummy Candy,Vegan Gummy Candy,Vegetarian Vitamin Gummy Candy,Pectin Vitamin Gummy Candy,Suar Free Calcium Gummy Candy,Sugar-free Prebiotic Fiber Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free Ginger Vitamin Gummy Candy,Xylitol Vitamin Gummy Candy for Diabetics,Probiotic Gummy Candy,Ice Bear Gummy Vitamin,Pectin Xylitol Gummy Candy Vegan,High Caffeine Energy Gummy Vitamin,ERYTHRITOL Sugar-Free Gummy Candy,Halal Vitamin Gummy Candy,Collagen Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free DHA Natural Gummy Candy,Royal Jelly Gummy Candy,Propolis Gummy Candy,Bee Pollen Gummy Candy,Organic Sugar-Free Gummy Candy,Omega Gummy Candy ALA/DHA/EPA,Pomegranate Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free Vitamin Gummy Candy,Omega 3-6-9 Fish-Free Gummy Candy,CoQ10 Gummy Candy,DHA Gummi Candy with Vitamins,Antioxidant Fruit&Veggie Gummy Candy for Brain,Xylitol Omega-3 Gummy Candy,Acai Gummy Candy,Guarana Gummy Candy,Stevia Sugar Free Gummy Candy,DMAE Eyes Care Gummy Candy,KOSHER Fish Skin Gelatin Gummy Candy,Probiotic Gummy Candy,Vitamin Omega Gummy Immunity,High Vitamin C Gummy Natural,100% Pure Xylitol Candy,Low Carbohydrate Sugar Free Gummy Candy,Xylitol Sugar Free Mints with Vitamins,Sugar Free Vitamin Mints,0 Calories Gummy Candy,0 Calories Caffeine Vitamin Gummy Candy,0 Calories Fiber Caffeine Vitamin Gummy Candy,Herbal Functional Gummy Candy,Super Yam Fiber Gummy Candy,Caffeine Sugar Free Fresh Breath Energy Strips,Lohangoa Sweetened Sugar-Free Gummy Candy,Xylitol Fresh Breath Strips,Whitening & Anti Aging Gummy Candy,Maltitol Sugar Free Gummy Candy,Sugar Free Licorice Gummy Candy,DHASplenda Sugar Free Omega-3 Gummy Candy,Sucralose Sugar Free Gummy Candy,Super Multi-Vitamin Minerals Gummy Candy,Astragalus Immune Gummy Candy,Natural Vitamin Gummy Candy,Minerals Gummy Cadny,Bone and Joints Gummy Candy,Antioxidants & Detox Gummy Candy,Natural Remedies Gummy Candy,Echinacea Herbal Supplement Gummy Candy,Caffeine Fresh Strips with Plastic Bags Pack,Sugar-Less Protein Natural Gummi Candy,Ginseng Energy Gummy Candy with Caffeine,Stevia Sugar-Free Gummy Herbal Candy,Goji Berry Gummy Candy,Stevia Sugar-Free Protein Gummi Candy,Xylitol Caffeine Gummy Candy,DHADHA Algal Oil Gummy Candy,DHA Microalgae ULKENIASP Gummy Candy,DHA Algae Oil Gummi Candy,Stevia Probiotic Gummi Candy & Sugar-Less,Probiotic Tablet,Sugar Free DHA Gummy Candy with No Fish Oil,Cod Liver Oil Emulsion,Lactobacillus Reuteri Drops,Natural Sweeteners Gummy Candy,Ginseng Herbal Supplement Gummy Candy,Heart & CV System Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free Pectin Herbal Gummy Candy,Weight Management Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free Pectin Fruit-Vitamins Gummy Candy,Liver & Kidney Gummy Candy,Halal Cat's Claw Gummy Candy,Epimedium Gummy Candy,Fig Extract Gummi Candy,Schisandra Gummy Candy,HAC Gummy Candy,Pectin Bee Pollen Gummy Candy,Sugar-Free Fruit Vegetable Powder Gummy Candy Blend,Coconut Gummy Candy,Raspberry Ketone Gummy Candy,Chia Seed Gummy Candy,Garcinia Cambogia Gummi Candy,Mental Energy Gummy Candy,Gummy Candy for Men,Gummy Cadny for Women,Carcinia Cambogia Gummy Candy,Bilberry Gummy Candy,lactobacillus Gummy Candy,Caffeine Chewing Gum,Gummy Candy for Children,Sexual Gummi Candy,Creatine Monohydrate Gummy Candy,Amino Acids Gummi Candy,Glutamine Gummi Candy,Digestion Gummy Candy,Stevia Protein Gummy Pectin Candy,Aloe Vera Gummy Candy,Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 Gummy Candy,Stevia DHA Gummy Candy Sugar-Free,Eye Care Gummy Cadny,Beauty Gummy Candy,Skin Whitening Gummy Candy,Oral Hygiene Gummy Cadny
Target Markets AMERICA
Key customers Super Market
QA/ QC Service In House
OEM Services Yes
Number of R&D staff 15

Category Showroom(7 Categories)

Contact Information

Company Name
Contact Person
Address Heng Jiang Industrial, Pan Yu Area,Guangzhou,China(CN)
Website http://http://www.hatopsfood.com