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1000mg/ml nicotine

1000mg/ml nicotine

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  • 1000mg/ml nicotine
  • 1000mg/ml nicotine

Product Features

Name: 99.95% Pure Nicotine, 1000mg/ml pure nicotine

Extract part: Natural tobacco leaf

Appearance: colorless oily liquid

Cas: 54115 ?

HS: 293999100

Formula: C10H14N2 ?

Specification: 99.95%, 1000mg/ml pure nicotine

Analysis Method:HPLC

Molecular formula:C10H14N2

Formula weight:162.23?

Risk Marking:14

Content: 99.95%
We pride for supplying Pure Nicotine in the market.

There are only limited mainstream brands which can

supply concentrated Nicotine solution. This Nicotine

with 99.95% purity is intended only for Expert use. It is

highly dangerous, so much caution is required.

Pure Nicotine Density: 99.95%=1000mg/ml

This concentrate cannot be used directly; it must be

mixed with VG or PG base to a safe rate. Please do

some research before handling with this.

Nicotine Storage: ?

The shelf life is 2 years.

It's normal, because if the nicotine touches the air, it

will oxidize, then the color will change a little. But

please don't worry, the quality won’t change. It won’t

influence the usage.

If you want to keep the clear color.

1 )It's better to keep it away from light

2 ) Low temperature storage

You can put the nicotine refrigerator storage at low

temperature, the temperature control in 15 to 20

degrees Celsius. Color change can be effectively


Read before you purchase:

When working with nicotine it is important to have a good knowledge of the potential danger and correct safety

practices. Please do with caution.

1.Wear gloves or clean spills off your skin immediately.

2. Take extreme care to avoid splashing in your eyes.

3. keep out reach of children.

4.Can not be used directly.

5.Make absolutely sure your calculations are correct when mixing doubers with high strength nicotine liquid.

6.Please do some thorough research about safe handling practices, the consequences of spillages, incorrect nicotine mix

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