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Electric Stacker 1000 kg Electric Forklift Stacker

Electric Stacker 1000 kg Electric Forklift Stacker

Business Information

  • Made In : unknown
  • Electric Stacker 1000 kg Electric Forklift Stacker

Product Features

This electric pallet lifter pairs with high-power, high-performance lift motor to
give powerful cargo lifting. With maintenance free battery, this walk behind
forklift is very easy to maintain. The operation ergonomics handle of narrow aisle stacker will reduce
fatigue for the operator. 1.5 ton capacity is available. Please contact our
material handling specialist for more details. 

Economic Electric Stacker Features
and Benefits:

1. High-power,
high-performance lift motor: powerful cargo lifting, cost-effective

2. DC
motor drive system: smaller size, high efficiency

3. Side-driven
design: smaller turning radius, suitable for operation in confined space

4. Operation
handle: ergonomics, comfortable operation, increased work efficiency

5. Maintenance
free battery and internal charger: easy for maintenance, easy to charge

6. Optional: Adjustable baseleg (straddle stacker)http://www.akodiforklift.com

Product Specifications

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