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Aluminum Heat Sink with black power coating

Aluminum Heat Sink with black power coating

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  • Aluminum Heat Sink with black power coating

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Aluminum Heat Sink Heatsink Module Cooler Fin for High Power Transistor Semiconductor , 

this part use ADC-12 as material, a kind of most common material, having good processability, for the physical property, this material have good thermal conductivity.

For the heatsink, the radiator assembly requirements are following:

1, in the operation process, must take anti-static measures.

2, before assembly, check the components and radiator should be clean, no sharp feet, burrs and other defects, and to install the radiator and components of the contact surface wipe clean. 

3, components and radiator connection fastening, correct, without damage to components. 

4, insulation pieces if damaged, stains or can not be used after disassembly.

Now, not only do our factory produce fo

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