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Access Turnstile Entrance Flap Barrier Gate

Access Turnstile Entrance Flap Barrier Gate

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  • Access Turnstile Entrance Flap Barrier Gate

Product Features

Access Turnstile Entrance Flap Barrier Gate

     The flap Barrier is an upgraded products from tripod turnstile and swing barrier. It has standard electrical interface which can be connected with ID cards, IC cards, magnetic cards, barcode cards etc. The integration system ensures passing in order and will never allow unauthorized persons to go in or go out.  The infrared sensor is used to achieve anti-tailgating and anti-pinch, the minimal detection distance is up to 10 cm, high security. 

Function and Feature :

1)The operating status of the equipment can be set by a small built dish of the main panel;
2) sound and light alarm function: with unlawful entry, trailing alarm;
3) scour protection function, when the gate signal is not received, the arm automatically locked;
4) telescopic boom synchronization capabilities;
5) With automatic reset function: after the gate opening, if the people not pass within a specified period, the system will automatically cancel the access rights of the user. The standard is automatic reset after five seconds;
6)The barrier will open automatically when the power off, and barrier will close automatically when it has power;
7) can be connected to a variety of reader device, received switch signal of relay;
8)unidirectional or bidirectional control personnel access;
9) chassis can be lengthened, and the telescopic material is selectable;
10)counting function: could add counter to count the number of people.

Technical specification :


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