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Electroformed Diamond /CBN Wheels

Electroformed Diamond /CBN Wheels

Business Information

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  • Electroformed Diamond /CBN Wheels

Product Features

Electroplated Diamond/CBN Wheels


    Electroplated Diamond/CBN Wheels are the advantage products of Sail for their high accuracy, high quality, high service life ,and our products achieve world class level by the superabrasive, Dicing Saw technology, automatic production lines and precision equipment.


product properties

Higher working precision and quality

Higher working efficiency and life

Customized wheels of specifications and types 


manufacturing objects

Our wheels are mainly used in optial glass, craft glass, sapphire glass , ceramic, automotive parts, medical instruments, Aviation parts, cemented carbide, precision magnetic materials, semiconductors, stone and so on.


Product classification

piston ring wheel                        Valve wheel

Groove grinding wheel                     Glass grinding wheel


Product Specifications

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