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Electroformed Hubless Diamond Blade

Electroformed Hubless Diamond Blade

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  • Electroformed Hubless Diamond Blade

Product Features

A wide selection of annular blades

Our blades selection is comprised of three product families distinguished by the type of binder:Resin-bond Blades,Nickel-bond Blades and Metal-bond (Sintered)Blades.Nickel-bond and Metal-bond (Sintered)Blades are characterized by long blade life and endurance,while Resin-bond Blades wear off faster and create less heart &friction.Resin-bond Blades are therefore best suited for hard and brittle materials such as alumina,glass and quartz,whereas Nickle-bond and Metal-bond(Sintered)Blades are an excellent choice for softer materials /substrates such as PCB,Sillcon and BGA.

10 years of experience in tailoring solutions to specific applications

Sail`s Dicing Saws,the NextStep Laser Scribing System ,Annular Blades and Peripheral Equipment manifest a wealth of dicing know-how and experience accumulated over three decades,We offer our customers a comprehensive solution-a unique blend of research,development,process mastery and skill.
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology

Our blades are composed of abrasive materials embedded in a resin or metal matrix.Resin-bond Blades are cured under pressure and high temperature,Metal-bond Blades are sintered and Nickel-bond blades are manufactured using a tightly controlled electroforming process.

The highest standard of quality assurance &am

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