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Metal Sintered Blades

Metal Sintered Blades

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  • Metal Sintered Blades

Product Features

 Diamond electrodeposited slotting wheel/blade

High precision cutting bladeare manufactured by unique technology with sintered metal powder with diamond abrasives. they are mainly used for grooving ceramic(Al2O3),oxide film and metallic films provides high precision,narrow grooving and long life.
direction of use:
1. insulation board and insulation rings should be adopted when using the wheel blade. make the wheel blade and the dicing machine spindle insulated. the outer diameter of insulation ring should be match with wheel's internal diameter. and the internal diameter of the insulation ring should be match with machine spindle's diameter.
2. new wheel blade should be dress before using.
3. the resistor's rotary direction in opposite of wheel blade's will achieve better grooving quality.

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