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Youwoly Machinery Equipment co., LTD
  • Target Markets: For molding of plastic products; One of main our activities is connected/joining plastic products or components by way of welding. Depending on the size and complexity of a part, Molding machinery of various capacities is used for molding different part
  • Business Type: Consultant,Mail order,Manufacturer,Exporter,Direct sales,Distributor,Retailer
  • Established date: 2013
Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry

Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry

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  • Made In : unknown
  • Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry
  • Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry
  • Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry
  • Sonic Welding Machine For Automotive parts Industry

Product Features

1. The Advantage of Ultrasonic Plastic Welders:
Ultrasonic plastic welding is instant and efficient.? The process is simple and yields high productivity.? Ultrasonic plastic welding reduces labor cost and the need to use fasteners and yields cleaner looking assemblies.?
Basic information about ultrasonic welding machine, welding machine, Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine, Plastic welding machine for plastic parts, ultrasonic machine.
Specification: Plastic welding machine for all kinds of plastic parts
Vibrationless performance
Low power consumption
Table top handheld device
Welding Area Minimum 5mm to 350mm
Auto & Manual Tuning Generator Box
Welding to Thin & Long Product
Fast Welding Time 0.1-3 Seconds.
Better Quality from other than welding systems.
Economic It does not need the screws,?glue,?and chemical.
Low Cost and reduce?labor?cost.
Easy to operate
High performance
3.Machines and Products Sample Show
4.Our Services
1.Pre-sale services--Your needs, our expertise
1.)Any inquiry will be replied within 10 hours, not weekend.
2.)Provide professional technical consult?
3.?After-sales service--Our quality, your performance?
1.)Supplying 1 years warranty and all life of machine working technology service.
2.)7/24 telephone service.
3.)Inventory components and parts, easily worn parts.
5.Application industry
Application Industry Application Products
Automotive: Auto and motorcycle plastic parts,battery, glove box, Plastic fuel tank, Intake manifold, Plastic muffler, Expansion Tank, front corner lamp, rear tail light, instrument, reflectors, automotive manual welding jacket, the car door welded baffle welding, automobile, car mats welding, automotive bumper repair welding, cotton insulation doors, seat wipers, engine cover, radiator cap spot, etc
Consumer Products: daily necessities, stationery, filter, folder and shell, pen stand, cosmetics box shell, the end of the toothpaste tube seal, mirror, insulated cup, lighter, seasoning bottles sealed

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