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China hot selling polyester heating element and heating film

China hot selling polyester heating element and heating film

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1000
  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Carton, Bulk, Tape
  • Supply Capability : Customized
  • Delivery Time : 3-5 days
  • China hot selling polyester heating element and heating film

Product Features

Polyester heating element:

PET electro thermal heating film is a special heating material sandwiched between
two layers of PET chips made of pure resistive planar electric heating element.
Planar heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving province electricity.

Product Specifications

Heat up quickly, small heat used. Material is qualitative soft, uniform heat can use a flat object. Service life is long, the halogen-light, safe and reliable, applicable to environmental temperature is less than 130 degrees.

pplication: polyester heating film

Widely used in electric heating, electric gloves, electric heating clothing shoes, massage chair, pet heating pad, mobile phone, circuit boards, mirrors etc. Some of the low temperature heating products.

Makesafer technology is a professional protective components supplier. We could better offer you full range electronics components with competitive price and professional service.
Makesafer researches, manufactures and markets a wide range of protective components, including PPTC resettable fuse, PTC thermistor, PTC Heater, NTC thermistor, NTC overheat sensor,transformers.
We place great emphasis on the technologies and products that can bring suitable solutions to meet customer's special requirements. Our goal is not only to continuously expand business, but also to provide customers with more responsive service and support activities.
As a professional protective components supplier, we always combine precision quality with efficient processing and excellent service. Our manufacturing bases are certified under ISO9001. All our products are RoHS compliant, and certificated under UL, TUV approvals.
Makesafer, the best professional protective device supplier you can trust in China.
Let’s Make Electronics Safer.

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