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PTFE architectural membrane

PTFE architectural membrane

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  • PTFE architectural membrane

Product Features

1)Non-stick, easy release
2)Excellent thermal stability with maximum continous use temperature of 260°C / 500F
3)PTFE surfaces are unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and are chemically inert
4)Easy to clean
5)Non-toxic and food compliant
6)Very low surface friction and easy slide properties
7)Mechanically and dimensionally stable
8)Excellent heat transfer which also allows low energy consumption
9)Different thicknesses is available
10)High tensile strength and tear strength
1)The designer can create large span extreme surface arc, cone, changeful iconic grand landscape shape of membrane structure buildings. Novel Teflon fiberglass permanent architectural membrane material can be used in construction of large public activity place, stadiums, exhibition venues, and the lounge at the airport, etc.
2)PTFE membrane material is a kind of high polymer composite material, has excellent mechanical properties like outstanding patience, good winding strength, and reasonable structure design, is better than the strength of steel. PTFE membrane material construction usually can last more than 50 years.
3)Self-cleaning with superior performance of non-stick, decades later it still keep white surface as pervious.
4)As construction period is short, fabric cutting, seam welding, machining, can be made in one factory, which greatly reduce the construction work site and construction time

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