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3M 401Q water sand paper (big)

3M 401Q water sand paper (big)

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  • Made In : unknown
  • 3M 401Q water sand paper (big)

Product Features

[product description]: 3M grinding ore (SiC / alumina / ceramic corundum abrasive); Alumina ore, the other 3M sandpaper: 3M5 inch 3M6 inch back velvet disk sandpaper, Beijiao disk sandpaper, 8 inch 12 inch disc disc sandpaper sandpaper, 3M734 3M401Q3M216U 3M 236U 3M 255P, the company can be customized a variety of specifications shaped 3M disk sandpaper.
[product uses]: used in metal, machinery, furniture, ships, musical instruments, painting surface repair and atomic ash grinding.
Contacts: Grace Wu

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