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EH2 series Medical Hermetic Door

EH2 series Medical Hermetic Door

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  • EH2 series Medical Hermetic Door

Product Features

EH2 series Medical Hermetic Door

Medical hermetic door is developed by ENTRANCE SOLUTION, which specifically designed for the special room that needs high quality cleanness and air tightness.
The door is in high pressure polyurethane foaming process, which reduces the weight of the door and improves the sound insulation, thermal insulation and heat preservation effects.
Depending on the perfect design such as dustproof, fireproof, pressure difference resistance and anti-radiation, hermetic door attracts wide attention since its release.

Safety Features:

1 .Self-Test
When the automatic door is started, it establishes the self learning process and calculates the optimum open /close speed, acceleration/deceleration time etc.,ensuring the operation always in the optimized state.
In the running process, the leaf reverse immediately when it encounters barrier and then the system has a low operation with speed self test process, if there is no barrier, it runs normally, ensure the safety of pedestrians.

2 . Simple,Powerful Operation&Troubleshoot System
Through PSA, available operating states are Half open, Lock, Manual, One way and Automatic. Up to 37 parameters allow you to set the open/close speed, half open width, open time and close time, providing practical functions and simple operations.
Medical hermetic door has a automatic troubleshoot system, monitoring the running state of the automatic door. If any part (mainly electric appliance parts) does not work, it will exam automatically: stops operating alarms, and displays the trouble information through PSA panel .

3 . Special Structure of Door Leaf
The door body of our hermetic door is made of aluminum alloy frame and painting panel. The observing window in the door uses double-layer glass to satisfy the requirement of special application.


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