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UV Laser Cutting Machine JG15S

UV Laser Cutting Machine JG15S

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  • UV Laser Cutting Machine JG15S

Product Features

UV Laser Cutting Machine JG15S
Laser Cutting Machine
This machine is equiped with Imported UV laser system, granite base, high precision linear motor, small size table, it can high efficiently cut FPC, RF. thin multi-layer board, cover layer, and open window, remove cover. as well as cutting variety of substrates, such as ceramic, silicon etc.
(1)Security and Reliablity: High security and reliablity of marble base as well as fully enclosed design.
(2)High Precision: Equipped with imported Linear motor system and super high precision scan galvanometer, high cutting precision, great stability.
(3)Long lifetime: Equipped with all imported solid UV laser system, great beam quality, stable pulse energy, long lifetime.
(4)Great cutting quality: Cold laser cutting process, without burrs around edge, small carbonization
(5)Automatics: Automatically focus, automatically align, automatically positioning , automatically compensation, automatic expansion compensation and unique cutting preview intelligent design.
(6) Multi-panel cutting: Array several panels on the table in one time to cut, improve ?cutting efficiency.
Specifications of UV Laser Cutting Machine
Model JG15S
Wavelength 355nm
?Laser Power Option (Standard?10W)
Laser Frequency 30-120kHz
Maximum Processing Size 250mm×300mm
Maximum Operating Speed 500mm/s
Positioning Accuracy of Table ±3μm
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy of Table ±1μm
Total Accuracy ±20um
light spots 20±5μm
Scanning range 40?mm?x?40mm
File Format *.gbr & *.dxf & *.lay
Electric Power Supply AC220V/1.5kW;?AC380V/1.5kW
Dimensions(L x W x H) 1050mm×1000mm×1610mm
Weight 700kg
Environmental Temperature 20±2℃
Environmental Humidity ??Non-condensing
Ground Amplitude ?5μm
Ground Pressure ?700Kgf/m2

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