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Double Glazed Glass for Curtain Wall  Window Door

Double Glazed Glass for Curtain Wall Window Door

Business Information

  • Certificate : CE,Australian certificate
  • FOB Port : Shanghhai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : wooden case ,iron crate
  • Supply Capability : quantity of 5 containers' loading
  • Delivery Time : 20
  • Double Glazed Glass for Curtain Wall  Window Door

Product Features

1.Thermal insulation
low heat gain and heat loss value (low U value)
2. Light transmission.

Appropriate level of solar transmission and solar reflectance can be selected to meet the design and functional requirement.
3. Noise insulation

reduce noise level by 30 dB. with inert gas in-filled, a 5 dB further reduction can be achieved.
4. Condensing prevention

Our insulated glass are designed to withstand down to -65degrees without condensing, which is far exceeding the National Requirement of -40degrees.
5. Leak proof
To ensure IGU air tight, automatic bending machine is used for
all four corners bending, with use of linear connector for the spacer.
A dual seal system is adopted with PIB as primary seal, and silicone or polysulfide
as secondary seal. We use advanced fully automatic IG production line ,
with automatic production operations covering spacer bending,
filling of desiccant, edge deletion of coated glass, glass assembly,
filling with inert gas and application of primary and secondary sealants

 Double Glazed Glass

 * double  glazing glass  is manufactured by fusing together 2 panes ,spaced by dry air or argon gas. It is with exellent solar heat insulation property which greatly reduces cooling or heating loads and make building looks colorful and beautiful. 
* the unit can  consist of  heat reflective glass, low-E glass,tinted glass, tempered    glass,laminated glass and color printed glass and so on.
* glass thickness from 2mm to 12mm,
  air space farame , 6mm.9mm,12mm,15mm,16mm,19mm,20mm,21mm,25mm

Product Specifications

glass thickness, spacer thickness and sizes are customized
min. Size 150X150mm
max. Size 3000mm X 6000mm
glass panel types available below
Clear glass, color tinted glass(green ,gray,blue ,brown,golden,silver )
low E glass, heat reflective glass, patterned glass,color printed glass, frosted glass etc.

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