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Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

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  • Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

Product Features

1.Bulk Cement Semi Trailer is a special vehicle for bulk material transportation.
2.Applicable to fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder and other particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm powder dry material transport and pneumatic discharge。
3.Using the domestic advanced production technology, innovative design, durable. Air bag bearing capacity, unloading speed fast residue small. One synthetic tank with the overall high strength, good rigidity, good pressure, the use of good performance and so on.
4.The design of fluidized bed in the tank is scientific and reasonable. It can effectively shorten the discharge time, improve the capacity utilization of the tank, reduce the residual ash rate, 0.2%. Double-tube feeding and double-cylinder feeding are adopted. The discharging speed and residual rate of the powdery material transporters are in line with the industry standard.

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