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82 Inch Nano /Porcelain Surface Educational Infrared Interactive White Board

82 Inch Nano /Porcelain Surface Educational Infrared Interactive White Board

Business Information

  • Price : $161 USD
  • Min. Order : 1 pcs
  • Certificate : ,FCC,,,CCC,,,RoHS,
  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Corrugated Case
  • Supply Capability : 15000 PCS
  • Delivery Time : 5 days
  • 82 Inch Nano /Porcelain Surface Educational Infrared Interactive White Board

Product Features

Product Usage:
1. Make Presentation Outstanding, You can insert pictures, videos, and other office files, make annotation to highlight information, and save new ideas in the original format.
2. Powerful Draw Functions, Geography recognition, Histogram, Pie Chart, a variety of pens, erasers and Geometrics for your choice to make teaching more interesting.
3. Make a Speech, With 2 or more pens operating simultaneously, users such as teacher and student, trainer and audience can write or draw together, enjoy a real cooperatio
4. Distance Meeting, You can establish an on-line conference or education, and present PPT, voice and video simultaneously at different places.

Key Features:
1. Interactive Learning, Mobile stand, Flexible installation, Ultra-thin body, Perfect presentation
2. Aluminum Frame, Nano /Ceramic panel (optional), Clear picture quality
3. Multi touch and gestures control support
4. Finger or any other non-transparent object to operate
5. Infrared touch technology provides incredible accuracy and smooth handwriting
6. Low glare and electronic-free surface, surface damage won't affect usage
7. Lower power consumption, USB powered, more safet

Product Specifications

Product Model: HJ-IW82
Frame Size: (1712.09±2.0)*(1212.09±2.0)mm (82Inch)
Internal Dimension:(1659.13±2.0)*(1159.13±2.0)mm (80Inch)
Projection Size: (1479±2.0)*(1109±2.0)mm (73Inch)
N.W : (17.5±2) kg
G.W : (22.3±2) kg
Packaging Size:(1832±4.0)*(76±4.0) *(1332±4.0)mm
Shortcut Key:Bilateral 16 Blue
Screen Occupation Ratio:97.56%
Projection Ratio: 4:3
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Silver, sandblasting oxidation
Panel: Extruded board
Interface: Type A USB * 1
Points: Free drive 16 points
Touch Mode: Support any non-transparent object, including: finger, stylus, plate rub and so on
Report Resolution: Free drive mode: 7680 x 4320; Driving mode: 32767 x 32767
Response Speed: less than10 ms
Minimum Recognition Point:4mm * 4 mm
Scan Frame Rate: greater than 100 frames
Touch Features: Support touch object size recognition, the sensor is not damaged within 10% of the normal work
Support System: Preloaded Win7, support Win7, Win 8, Win10, Windows XP, Mac OS
Humidity: Work /Storage humidity: 90% RH at 40 oC without condensation
Temperature:Operating temperature: -10 oC ~ 50 oC; Storage temperature: -20 oC ~ 60 oC
Light Resistance: 180 Lux
Certification: CE; FCC; ROHS
Enclosure: USB extension line*1, CD*1, pen*2, eraser*1, manual*1, warranty card*1

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