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Goldhofer Modular Trailer

Goldhofer Modular Trailer

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  • Made In : unknown
  • Goldhofer Modular Trailer
  • Goldhofer Modular Trailer
  • Goldhofer Modular Trailer
  • Goldhofer Modular Trailer
  • Goldhofer Modular Trailer

Product Features

--Chinatrailers manufacture goldhofer THP/SL modular trailer, with the max capacity 45 tonaxle line, 1,175 ± 300 mm height, 2,990 mm width, axle base 1,500 mm with s690 high tensile steel. Main parts are all imported from germany.

--ChinaTrailers modular trailer hydraulic multi axle are widely used in Southeast Asia for transport oversize overweight cargo, especially for above 200 tons cargo. we have export large numbers of hydraulic modular trailers and lowbed trailers to
Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines,Indonesia, Myanmar.....?

-- ChinaTrailers is the leading manufacturer of Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MDED, Modular Trailers, hydraulic multi axle trailer, modular platform vehicle, hydraulc platform trailer,Modular Trailer Accessories including hydraulic gooseneck, drop deck, spacer,
girder bridge, vessel bridge, turntable

Scheuerle SPMT, Self-propelled Modular Transporters, Electronic Control Independent Steering SPMT

3 / 4 / 5 / 6 axle lowbed semi trailer, 8 axle / 10 axle Extendable lowbed trailer, Telescopic Trailer for Wind Blade (up to 65m length), wind blade adapter,
Detachable gooseneck Lowboy Trailer

ChinaTrailers -- Leading Manufacturer of Goldhofer/ Nicolas Modular Trailer, SPMT,
SPT, Modular Shipyard Transporter –
Product link:? , lar-trailer/
Tel: +86 177 2122 9934 (Wechat, WhatsApp)

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