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Differential Pressure Transmitter DP100

Differential Pressure Transmitter DP100

Business Information

  • Made In : unknown
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter DP100

Product Features

1. Main features:

- High resolution of differential pressure
- Pressure unit selection and variable range display
- Excellent long-term stability
- Sensor error detection
- Analog signal output (4-20mA) and range configuration
- RS485 communication (ModBUS/ASCII)

2. Models:

DP100-A1 (+/-500Pa, 4~20mA transmission)
DP100-R4 (+/-500Pa, RS485 communication)
DP100-A1-125 (+/-125Pa, 4~20mA transmission)
DP100-R4-125 (+/-125Pa, RS485 communication)
DP100-A1-25 (+/-25Pa, 4~20mA transmission)
DP100-R4-25 (+/-25Pa, RS485 communication)

Product Specifications

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