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Marine Winch and Mooring Winch

Marine Winch and Mooring Winch

Business Information

  • Made In : unknown
  • Marine Winch and Mooring Winch

Product Features

FIxed type or moveable type
Product specification:
Custom-made (according to actual )
machining equipment:
CNC machining center
Product advantage:
Our factory mainly in the service of hoisting machinery, Marine machinery, petroleum machinery, hydraulic machinery, engineering machinery and other industries, the main products are oil drilling rig, workover rig, drifting machine, trailermounted pumping unit? winch (The main drum is used lebus grooved drum) and oil equipment accessories.
The company focus on developed the lebus wire groove, solved the chaos in the process of winding rope, wire rope bit rope major problems.Lebus groove system smooth of wire rope winding, uniform distribution of load between each layer, practice has proved that this technology greatly prolong the service life of wire rope, have data to show that can extend the service life of wire rope by more than 500%, reduce the damage of steel wire rope improves security, and reduces the mechanical equipment in line outage problem.

Product Specifications

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