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Wheel Speed Sensor Cable

Wheel Speed Sensor Cable

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  • Wheel Speed Sensor Cable
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Cable
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Cable

Product Features

I. Range of application
Used in Braking Anti-lock system.
ABS is used to detecting the speed of each wheel through the speed sensor installed on the wheel or diving shaft. Calculate the wheel slip ratio by a computer and compare with the ideal sliding rate, make the decision of increase or decrease the brake pressure of brake. Commend the executing agency timely adjust the brake pressure, to keep the wheel in the ideal braking state.
Therefore, ABS device can maintain the wheel always braking in a scroll with weak sliding condition,and won’t lock, achieved the purpose of improving the efficiency of the brake. At the same time, improved the stability of the car when brakes and the automobile braking performance in poor road conditions.

II. Characteristics
It can detect the speed of wheel, and input the speed signal into the ABS electronic control unit. When the speed of the gear ring changed, the frequency of the induced electromotive force also changed. ABS electronic control unit detect the wheel speed by detecting the frequency of induced electromotive force. The wheel speed sensors used in ABS system which have magnetoelectric and hall type two kinds.

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