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Great wall car service

Great wall car service

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Gubeikou Great Wall
Departure time:?Every?morning?at?07:00am?-07:30am
Departure place:?Your?booked?hotel?
Service time:?8-9hours
Car rate:?¥1000--¥1500/per?vehicle,(not?per?person)?
It takes about two and half hours driveing to the Gubeikou Great Wall.

Gubeikou, along with the passes at Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, was a key strategic target in military campaigns since ancient times. Protecting these three passes was considered vital for keeping Beijing safe from the Mongolian nomads. This is a flat valley further to the west, one of the vital importance since Gubeikou connects the Mongolian Plateau to the north with the vast fertile plains of northern China. The vistas of the sinuous Wall snaking its way over the ridges of the Yanshan are breathtaking.?

The Great Wall at Gubeikou is craggy and steep. What makes Gubeikou so attractive is that there are a number of ancient villages and relics around where local culture is well-preserved.?

Panlongshan's Great Wall is located in the middle section of Gubeikou Great Wall. It is it is also preserved in its original state one of the most recommended Great Wall hiking paths, with beautiful natural scenery.

After 4 hours hiking on the Wall,drive back to the hotel.
We can provide the Private Car Service in Beijing. We provide safe and intimate Beijing Great Wall Tourist Car Service. All of the drivers are experienced, Professional, Reliable and Speak english

 Gubeikou Great Wall

Departure time: Every morning at 07:00am -07:30am

Departure place: Your booked hotel 

Service time: 8-9hours

Car rate: ¥1000--¥1500/per vehicle,(not per person) 


It takes about two and half hours driveing to the Gubeikou Great Wall.

Gubeikou, along with the passes at Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, was a key strategic target in military campaigns since ancient times. Protecting these three passes was considered vital for keeping Beijing safe from the Mongolian nomads. This is a flat valley further to the west, one of the vital importance since Gubeikou connects the Mongolian Plateau to the north with the vast fertile plains of northern China. The vistas of the sinuous Wall snaking its way over the ridges of the Yanshan are breathtaking. 

The Great Wall at Gubeikou is craggy and steep. What makes Gubeikou so attractive is that there are a number of ancient villages and relics around where local culture is well-preserved. 

Panlongshan's Great Wall is located in the middle section of Gubeikou Great Wall. It is it is also preserved in its original state one of the most recommended Great Wall hiking paths, with beautiful natural scenery.

After 4 hours hiking on the Wall,drive back to the hotel.

We can provide the Private Car Service in Beijing. We provide safe and intimate Beijing Great Wall Tourist Car Service. All of the drivers are experienced, Professional, Reliable and Speak english

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