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Great wall car service

Great wall car service

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Mutianyu Great Wall
Departure time:?Every?morning?at?08:00am-08:30am
Departure place:?Your?booked?hotel
Service time:?8-9hours
Car rate:?¥650--¥1300/per?vehicle,(not?per?person)
Round tripPayment:?at?ending?of?service?in?cash?(RMB),deposit?is?not?necessary
Mutianyu Great wall Located in Huairou County about 45 miles from Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys a long history and is part of the glorious culture of China. It connects Juyongguan Pass in the west and Gubeikou Great Wall in the east. The wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557). In Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang, two famous patriotic generals, rebuilt it in order to strengthen its defensive potential when they guarded the strategic pass. It served as the northern protective screen, guarding the capital and imperial mausoleums for generations.
What's more, the national first-rate cable car is installed in Mutianyu Great Wall. A sled named 'Speed' will give you an opportunity to experience thrills by taking you swoop down from the high mountains. China Stone City collects weird and beautiful stones, attracting more and more visitors to come and see.
We can provide the private car service, great wall tourist car service in beijing. We
provide safe and intimate Beijing Private Tour Service and Great wall car service. All of the drivers are experienced, Professional, Reliable and Speak english

 Mutianyu Great Wall

Departure time: Every morning at 08:00am-08:30am

Departure place: Your booked hotel

Service time: 8-9hours

Car rate: ¥650--¥1300/per vehicle,(not per person)

Vehicle: 5seats car--11seats Van,English speaking driver.

Round tripPayment: at ending of service in cash (RMB),deposit is not necessary


Mutianyu Great wall Located in Huairou County about 45 miles from Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys a long history and is part of the glorious culture of China. It connects Juyongguan Pass in the west and Gubeikou Great Wall in the east. The wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557). In Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang, two famous patriotic generals, rebuilt it in order to strengthen its defensive potential when they guarded the strategic pass. It served as the northern protective screen, guarding the capital and imperial mausoleums for generations.

What's more, the national first-rate cable car is installed in Mutianyu Great Wall. A sled named 'Speed' will give you an opportunity to experience thrills by taking you swoop down from the high mountains. China Stone City collects weird and beautiful stones, attracting more and more visitors to come and see.

We can provide the private car servicegreat wall tourist car service in beijing. We 

provide safe and intimate Beijing Private Tour Service and Great wall car service. All of the drivers are experienced, Professional, Reliable and Speak english

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