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PCB RFID metal tag

PCB RFID metal tag

Business Information

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  • PCB RFID metal tag

Product Features

Chemical Resistance:
1. Machining oil and fluid
2. Gasoline
3. Motor oil
4. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
5. Isopropyl alcohol
6. Methyl alcohol
7. Mineral spirits
8. Acetone
9. Kerosene
Typical applications include:
1. Tractors and trailers
2. Reusable plastic containers
3. Metal cages
4. Wood and plastic pallets
5. Unit loading devices
Installation method:The tag can be attached using screws,rivets, double-sided adhesive strips, or other appropriate methods.
Size:92* 10* 3.2 mm
Material:PCB (FR4)

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