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Building Formwork

Building Formwork

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Certain aluminium alloys, which are resistant to wet concrete as well as atmospheric corrosion, are used for making aluminium forms. These forms are very similar to steel forms. Aluminium framework has been developed in recent years because of their lightweight and corrosion resistance.

The fast pace in concrete construction necessitated to use large form assemblies to be handled by mechanical means and this led to development of lightweight aluminium forms to save handling costs. Aluminium panels are generally made with aluminium frames. Lightweight props are made from aluminium alloy tubes. These forms are used where labour availability is scarce and labour costs are prohibitive.
With rapid urbanization, high-rise buildings around the world mushrooming. The aluminum frame as an ideal template has played an important role for the promotion of energy saving building and industrialization process.

Aluminum building frame has the following advantages:

Construction Advantage
Overall pouring , safe structure, good stability, high capacity
Easy to install, the average worker through simple training can install the templates, high efficiency and short cycle
Good construction quality, precise size, without plaster, cement savings
Various specifications, can be assembled according to different item

High economic effect
Aluminum frame can be recycled multiple times, thus greatly reducing the timber waste.
To achieve safe and civilized construction, reduce construction intensity, reduce accident.
Aluminum alloy is lightweight but with strong bearing capacity, greatly improve construction efficiency
No construction waste, clean construction site , less pollution

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