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Solar Frame

Solar Frame

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Aluminum frame extrusions are helping revolutionize the solar industry by providing strong and lightweight frames and structures for solar panels, along with components that allow for precision positioning and stability for improved productivity.

Stability is key in solar installations, and innovations in aluminum extrusion technology are providing it for solar panels. Extrusion frames from aluminum offer benefits over other metal choices:

‧ Aluminum trusses are comparable to heavier steel options and maintains stability even in reactions to wind and other stresses on a solar panel array.
‧ Aluminum frames and supports are lighter than other metals, which makes them easier to transport and assemble. It not only helps in remote solar power plants, but it also helps rooftop solar installations.
‧ Aluminum is weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which prepares them to be part of solar panel architectures.

Facts about HAOMEI:

Upon arrival at Haomei in Qingyuan city, visitors will experience a harmonious development between human and nature. Regenerating inflammation system and hot-top technology are adopted with smelting and casting. Water recycling system is set up in powder coating and anodizing. Haomei product was granted the green label under ROHS standard and certified by Suggest.

Haomei’s profile sections are used in a number of different applications including but not limited to the following: Advertising, Air conditioning, Furniture accessories for kitchens, Bedrooms, Dining rooms, Wardrobes, Bathroom fittings, Offices, Building industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, Curtain walls, Articles for DIY, Exhibition stands, Sporting equipment, Garage, Doormats, Doors and windows, Automatic Bates, Greenhouses, Hardware articles, Internal signs, Lighting, Mosquito and sunscreen nets, lounges, umbrellas, Radiators, Road signs, Roller shutters, Stairs, Sun shades, Sun breaks, Textile machinery, Transport, Standard profiles, Mining,

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