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Alloy Chassis

Alloy Chassis

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  • Alloy Chassis

Product Features

Aluminum is extensively used for automotive chassis and engine applications. Properties like useful strength, low density, high thermal conductivity, excellent machining behavior and good corrosion resistance are the main reasons for using Aluminum. Future Hybrid and Electric automobiles need lightweight designing materials like Aluminum because Batteries are heavy.

Even used since more than 100 Years Aluminum has a high potential. With new production processes Aluminum alloys can pass a strength level of more than 1.000 MPa. A direct substitution of Steels seems to be achievable. New Aluminum-Composites with some unique features will introduce into the domain of Steel.

Facts about HAOMEI:

In order to assure the quality of products, HaoMei Aluminium Co., Ltd strictly controls the quality issues and complies with the relevant state policies, ensuring the interests of enterprises and customers.

Quality Management System Certificate: for Aluminium construction profiles(color-anodized profiles, powder coated profiles)and industrial profiles

Qualicoat Certificate:
Quality Management System Certificate issued by IQNET;
Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issues: Guangdong Famous Brand Certification
Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issues: Guangdong international standard product marking certificate
China Quality Certification Center issues: China Certification center for energy conservation products
Product energy saving certificate: Thermal-Break Aluminium Windows

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