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PE Unicorn Bottle

PE Unicorn Bottle

Business Information

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  • PE Unicorn Bottle

Product Features

Usage: PE unicorn bottle are widely used in below business scope, such as e-liquid, e-juice, e-smoke, ecig, vape juice, e-cigarette oil, essential oil, pharmaceutical etc
Material: PE
Feature: CFR1700.20 certificated / GCC certificated
Printing: label sticker available
OEM service: we can provide OEM based on your requirement
Sample: we can provide free bottle samples for your test

Series 5 10ml 15ml 30ml 50ml
Height(Bottle+Cap)(mm) 95.38 121.53 120.7 135.3
Bottle Height (mm) 78.55 104.93 104.62 118.42
Diameter (mm) 16.21 16.41 21.67 28.54
Series 6 30ml
Height (Bottle+Cap)(mm) 133.75
Bottle Height (mm) 121.2
Diameter (mm) 21.86
Series 7 10ml 30ml 50ml 100ml
Height (Bottle+Cap)(mm) 68.68 134.92 135.77 176
Bottle Height (mm) 50.94 117.8 118.3 156.5
Diameter (mm) 22.1 21.7 28 32.48
Series 8 30ml
Height (Bottle+Cap)(mm) 121.47
Bottle Height (mm) 108.14
Diameter (mm) 22.24

Product Specifications

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