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Chain plate mesh belt

Chain plate mesh belt

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  • Chain plate mesh belt

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Steel Hinge Conveyor Belts hinge plate conveyor hinge belt conveyors Chain plate mesh belt brief introduction The chain plate belt is very strong, driven by the stainless steel chain, stainless steel plate production, suitable for high density transportation in small, in the conveying process of stable operation, convenient installation and replacement, long service life. For medium and heavy load transportation. Steel plate bending forming hinge, pivot hinge and the chain will use both ends together. The chain can be used to fix the washer or cotter pin, cotter pin use convenient disassembly, convenient maintenance. The chain plate roughly divided: 1, according to the material: steel chain plate conveyor belt, galvanized plate chain conveyor belt, 201 stainless steel chain plate conveyor belt, 304 stainless steel chain plate conveyor and other stainless steel chain plate conveyor based on.2 shape: flat plate chain conveyor belt, with transverse baffle plate chain conveyor belt, with a side chain plate conveyor, chain plate conveyor belt (punching hole, long hole), with a convex chain plate conveyor belt.3, according to the form of transportation: direct transmission chain Plate conveyor belt, turning chain plate conveyor belt. 4, the hinge chain plate conveyor belt, chip conveyor chain plate conveyor belt, steel chain plate conveyer belt. 5, double pitch chain chain plate belt, precision roller chain and chain plate conveyor belt.
Customers customized chain boards need to provide the data
1, the chain of the chain of material
2, chain plate material chain plate of the effective conveyor width chain plate of the total length of chain plate thickness
3, the diameter of the supporting shaft material support shaft length
4, the chain plate on both sides of the supporting shaft is welded or split.
5, with the other accessories of the baffle baffle
6, punching hole is much larger than the diameter of the hole

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