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High quality Sophora Root Extract 95% Matrine with low price

High quality Sophora Root Extract 95% Matrine with low price

Business Information

  • Price : $20 USD
  • Min. Order : 1kg
  • Certificate : ,,FDA,,,,HACCP,
  • FOB Port : beijing
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 25kg/drum; 1kg/bag Aluminum-foil bag
  • Supply Capability : 5000kg/month
  • Delivery Time : Within 2 days after payment
  • High quality Sophora Root Extract 95% Matrine with low price

Product Features

Bitter Sophora Root extract powder HPLC matrine
Natural100% and pure, verified by
ISO9001: 2000
manufacturer 18 years


Matrine and oxymatrine are the two major alkaloid components found in sophora roots. They are obtained primarily from Sophora japonica (kushen), but also from Sophora subprostrata (shandougen), and from the above ground portion of Sophora alopecuroides.

In China, the alkaloids are often given by injection, but this method of administration is not acceptable in the West, so oral dosing is used here instead. When taken orally, much of the oxymatrine is converted to matrine; to get high blood levels of oxymatrine, it must be given by injection. However, it is unclear whether oxymatrine is clinically more effective than matrine. Chinese researchers have also used the alkaloids in capsule form, with results that appear similar to the injection. Sophora is also administered in complex formulas made as decoctions and taken orally.


1. Matrine is also be widely used in pesticide;  
2. Matrine has function of relieving internal heat; 
3. Sophora root extract has effect on anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory; 
4. Matrine is used for suppressing sarcoma S180, anti-tumors; 
5. Sophora root extract can cure tonsillitis, mastitis, smooth the asthma etc.when taken orally; 
6. Sophora root extract can improve the leucocyte deficiency symptoms so as to enhance the body's immune function; 
7. Sophora root extract is effective in dealing with trichomonad vaginitis, flagellate disease, amoeba dysentery and fungus dysentery, etc.
1. Applied in agriculture field, sophora root extract can kill the pests.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, sophora root extract is used for anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumors.

Company Profile

Run Shaanxi Days of Bio-tech Co.,ltd. is located in industrial concentration district in Shanyang county Shaanxi province. Our manufacture is found 2003 and has a registered capital of 68.66 million yuan. We have 52 acres of land and construction area of 31054 square meters. Existing staff of more than 120 people. We are a private high-tech enterprise to extract and purify natural plant used in pharma and health production and so on.Our production of matrine, salicin, ursolic acid, pueraria and so on. With one hundred kinds of products Conforming to the national medicinal food standard for different coustomer. Our product is already exported to the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil and 20 other countries and regions.Natural and Essence is our enterprise's purpose. We hope to cooperate with many friends and create a good future hand in hand.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Sophora root extract/Sophora flavescens Extract Matrine,Matreine/ Oxymatrine 98%

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