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Animal repeller bird controller

Animal repeller bird controller

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  • Animal repeller bird controller

Product Features

Ultrasonic bionic animals repeller currently has success application in Cherry, medlar, grape, pear, and Bayberry farmland or crop. For tits, Sparrow, mountain Sparrow, thrush, big mouth Crow, magpie, ash magpie, ash tree que, Lark, woodpecker, hoopoe, Dove, and pigeon, and pheasant, Starling, billed leiothrix, pulsatilla, small Taiping bird, oriole, ash swept bird and water Crow have a good of drive bird effecting. China's South and the North are in applications. Currently is widely used in airports, orchards, farms and other locations. Our repeller can effectively repel bird with ULTRASONIC, BIONIC, PIR SENSOR and LED FLASH LIGHT.


Name Ultrasonic bionic animal repeller
Ultrasonic Frequency 10khz-1mhz
Bionic Frequency Reach up to 160dl
Induction Range 6-8 Meters
Hight light LED flash light
Ultrasonic: It is a variable frequency ultrasonic. Our YD-Q3 supports adjust the frequency. Animal is sensitive to ultrasonic which doesn't harm for human.
Bionic: It means YD-Q3 would make voice to scare bird when bird enter into the detection area. You can turn off it if you think it will too noisy. YD-Q3 supports adjust the volume.
LED flash light: Animal is sensitive to red flash light. It will be bright during day and night.
PIR motion sensor: When bird and animal enter the induction area, YD-Q3 will make some scared voice.


1.It has high volume loudspeaker, covers a wide area;
2. Pair of loudspeakers the stand-alone player, volume is up to 160 db;
3. Intelligent combinations of CPU chip frequency, birds can't adapt to it;
4. Support adjust voice with intelligence remote controller;
5. Support change voice via TF card;
6. With Weatherproof design, can be directly linked to the wild;
7. Intelligent CPU chips inside, and calendar clock;
8.Can set automatic random play or artificial selection work patterns.
9.Work mode: manual mode or automatic mode.
10. Support adding solar panel.

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