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Bicycle Rental System, Public Transportation

Bicycle Rental System, Public Transportation

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1
  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : standard factory package
  • Supply Capability : 10000 sets per year
  • Bicycle Rental System, Public Transportation

Product Features

Public Bicycle Rental System can let the people enjoy the convenience of travel and provides tourists with an
effective auxiliary means of transport with the advantages like quick borrow & use, offsite return and recycling.
It not only improves the mobility and accessibility of urban public transportation, but also attracts the car
owners changing the way of travel. The system solves traffic problems for public in short-distance travel with a small number of bicycles.

 Bicycle Rental System, Public Transportation 

Bicycle Rental System, Public Transportation


Public Bicycle Rental System can let the people enjoy the convenience of travel and provides tourists with an 

effective auxiliary means of transport with the advantages like quick borrow & use, offsite return and recycling. 

It not only improves the  mobility and accessibility of urban public transportation, but also attracts the car 

owners changing the way of travelThe system solves traffic problems for public in short-distance travel with a small number of bicycles.


Public bicycle system is a part of urban public transport . It is the extension and complement of the bus 

system and other transport, together constitute a comprehensive full coverage, high efficiency urban traffic 

systemBicycle as "zero emissions" green transportation, can effectively saves resources and reduce 

the pollution. At the same time, a large number of bicyclecan alleviate the problems of traffic difficulties 

parking, and high traffic cost. Bicycle system creates conditions for "green city", "healthy city" and "happy city"

 and become more and more popular in many cities around the world.


We designed and developed the Ekemp Public Bicycle Rental System based on the experience of bicycle 

rental system both in China and abroad



Ekemp Public Bicycle Rental System is designed with the features "centralized management & independent 

control". The finance, resources and maintaining are unified managewhile the terminal completes the job 



Every lock pillar equipped with independent processor and card reader, can independently park and collect 

the bicycle ,deductionbalance display function and avoiding queuing.


The lock pillar software can run offline. When the background system or network is temporary fault , people 

can still borrow and return the bicycle. The system will automatically uploaded the records to the background 

management center when the system and network back to normal.



1.Managing Center



Bicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public Transportation



2. Managing Box (Kiosk)



1.Built-in GSM/GPRS,3G/HSPA wireless communication module.
2.Integrated anti-explosion keyboard, LCD screen and card reader; 
3.Can search rent/return record,card balance, and information of stations nearby; 
4.External solar panel, green and eco-friendly. The built-in back up battery, can  support 20 parking locks to work 48 hours; 
5.The built-in voltage and temperature monitoring equipments and the lightening-proof light box, can be used for advertisement and poster. 




3.Smart Parking Docks
1.Super thick, integrated installation, no excavatation needed; 
2.Can read many kinds of cards, support off-line functioning; 
3.Vandal-proof alarm system and faults indication; 

4.LED screen indication and voice prompt; 
5.Streamline appearance, double-pillar structure; 
6.Water-proof, dust-proof;rust-proof, corrosion resistent. 
7.Can add the electricity charging module to charge the electric bicycles 
8.Charging module can reveal charging status,and plug off when the battery is full. 





4. High-performance EKEMP Bicycles 


Bicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public Transportation

Bicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public TransportationBicycle Rental System, Public Transportation

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