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Access Control Barrier Gate fold in arm

Access Control Barrier Gate fold in arm

Business Information

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  • Access Control Barrier Gate fold in arm

Product Features

Access Control Barrier Gate fold in arm

Function Feature

Core of mechanism, using the most stable movement of the inconstant speed operation organization, parts form with hardware punched, not only the product is exquisite and portable, but also high precision and long service life;
Humanized appearance design, easy operation, concise and easy;
Electrical motor adopts overheating protection system, to avoid the motor heating up; The control system adopts advanced digital processing technology, with the hit protection, infrared function etc.;
Host machine adopts high sensitive limit switches and time dual protection control, to make barrie stop accurately in place;
In the process with anti-hit function, effectively avoid injury;
With automatic delay stick down function, gate arm falls down if no vehicle pass in certain minutes;
DC option gates adopt storage battery, can run 200 times in power outage;
This product can be used matching with any other access controller.

Equipment Parameters
Size (box): 400*350*1050 mm
Weight (box): 55kg
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz;
??????????????????????? AC110V±10% 60Hz;DC24V
Working Temperature:-35oC-+65oC
Speed of Rising and Dropping: 1.2 seconds, 3 seconds, 6 seconds
Arm Length: 2-6 meters (the user can choose)
Arm Type: barrier arm, fence arm, folding arm

Product Specifications

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