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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

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Product Features

1. Wet electrostatic precipitator has many advantages which dry electrostatic precipitator are not available.
2. Mist cause the dust condensation, charged and collected together with dust, collect spray to form water film.
3. Use wet cleaning ash methods completely solved the problem of secondary raise dust.
4. At the same time use electric field force and the surface tension of liquid to remove dust.
5. Work at a temperature of around 80℃ degrees and mist environment, dust specific resistance decline sharply, in the range of suitable for ESP working, no need to consider the impact of specific resistance to the dust collection efficiency .
6. Rely on water film cleaning, so the effect is good.
7. The corona power is several times than dry electrostatic precipitator, greatly enhance the collection efficiency for PM2.5.
8. By convection cooling, reduce flue gas temperature, promote condensation and improve the ability to capture the mist.
9. Dust collecting performance has nothing to do with dust characteristics, can effectively collect large viscosity and high resistivity dust, it is also applicable to the treatment of humidity flue gas.
10. It has stable performance, high efficiency, which can effectively collect tiny particles (PM2.5 dust, SO3 acid fog, aerosols), heavy metals (Hg, As, Pb, Cr), organic pollutants (PAHs, dioxins) etc. Dust emission can be reached to under 5mg / NM3, completely solve the pollutants emission problem, to achieve ultra-low emissions.
11. For PM2.5 dust collection efficiency can reach to 95% around.
12. For SO3 acid fog collection efficiency can reach to 90% around.
13. Can solve problem of gypsum rain and blue smoke by wet desulphurization processes, relieve downstream flue, chimney corrosion, reduce chimney anticorrosion costs. Wet Electrostatic Precipitator can eliminate chimney plume, improving company image.
14. It's suitable for both of old production system in the process of environmental protection, and for new project

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