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Electrostatic Fabric Filter

Electrostatic Fabric Filter

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Product Features

In many areas of applications for over 20 years, it proved JHGD type tube-pole electrostatic precipitator is high efficiency, reliable operation and low power consumption.

1. Positive and negative pole free suspension.
2. Dust collecting pole: Dense arrangement of Φ25 pipe, installed in a rectangular frame, so good hard-determinist, high temperature tolerance, compared to other same dimensions ESP, it has large collecting area, high removal efficiency.
3. Corona wire: No matter how long of the corona wire, structured by one steel, without bolt to connect, so no disconnection fault occurs
4. Spray point: Stainless steel material, rivet on corona wire, avoid occurrence of needle falling.
5. The third electrode:

In the same dimensions, increasing the collecting area, especially increasing the collection area to collect positive electrical charged dust, avoid corona wire hypertrophy phenomenon.

Between the dust collecting pole and the corona electrode, increasing the uniform electric field, thereby increasing the charged dust driving speed and improve the collection efficiency.

It can overcome corona blocking and anti-corona phenomenon, so that the specific resistance of the dust precipitator extended to about 1012 ohm ‧ cm.

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