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Vacuum Sputtering Machine Used Hokaido Vacuum Pump (RH0025)

Vacuum Sputtering Machine Used Hokaido Vacuum Pump (RH0025)

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Product Features

RH series oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump(RH0025)

1, Reliability: High-quality materials, quality management according to ISO9001, CE certification requirements, automated processing equipment, computer control engineering can guarantee the production of standardized and precision products.
2, comfortable environment: Air cooling equipment installed in the suction inlet, low noise, low vibration, use of lubricants can be a stable vacuum and exhaust pressure can be used in any place.
3, easy to manage: Simple structure, the air cooling method, carbon air ring main parts replacement is simple, easy to assemble decomposition. Maintenance is simple and can be long-term use in the workshop.
4, Small size: Directly on the flange motor set up a direct connection of the vacuum pump air rings and cylinder, simple construct. Advantage of the cooling of the motor cooling fan, a small size, light weight.
5, Low Noise: According to decades of improvement and research, this series of pumps running sound is very quiet, does not produce annoying noise.
Technical data
Product model: RH0025
Rated Airflow (m3/h): 25m3/h
Ultimate pressure: 0.5mbar
Diameter: G 3/4”
Voltage: 110V-480V
Nominal motor rating(KW): 0.75 KW
Current (A): 3.16/1.83
Sound (ENISO2151): 64
Oil (L): 1
Weight: 34KG
Nominal speed: 2700

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