Moore HK Automation Co., Ltd (Xiamen Office)

7TN3523-4B/HQ,UPH:PS02-2006,PS02-3006,PS02-2159,PS02-2035, Manufacturer and Supplier - China(CN)

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Moore HK Automation Co., Ltd (Xiamen Office)
  • Target Markets: MID EAST
  • Established date: 2011


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We're a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.
We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.
They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.
We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.

PG Instruments T70 T80 Spektrometer Anschlussboard DB25 DB9

Merck PVDF-Doppelkonen 115546 Hibar #2747

Sequal ATF Oxygen Concentrator Module Sauerstoff-Konzentrator

Sartorius YDP03-0CE Messwertdrucker Waagendrucker eichf?hig #7402

Agilent 5021-1816 Kapillare grun 0,17 mm ID, 105mm HPLC

Agilent Bright Annealed Mandrel (10Stk) Nr. G62855-60593 HPLC #D4957

Ludwig Schneider Hydrometer 1,250-1,300 g/cm3 L50 SP High

Agilent 79826-87601 Kapillare 0.12 mm ID, 80mm HPLC

IKA RO 15 power Mehrstellenmagnetruhrer RO15 #3045

Micro Motion Elite Massedurchflusssensor CMF025 Mass Flow Sensor #5567

PG Instruments T70 T80 Spektrometer Steckkarte Board #D10912

Agilent Internal Nut for Micro Fluidic Products Nr. G2855-20530 HPLC 6Stk. #D49

Agilent 1460-1998 Spring, COMP OD 1725 4 Stuck HPLC #4194

ASCO Joucomatic SC G262C022 Valves Ventil 220/50 #2447

Rosemount R 1151 Smart Pressure Transmitter EX Version

Schott Messkolben 200ml Duran Blaubrand #5971

L'air Liquide Robinet A3 CC Druckregler NEU OVP

Endecotts Testsieb Messsieb 125μm Prufsieb Durchmesser 200mm #9266

Standard Imaging QA BeamChecker Plus Photonen Elektronen #D10510

PG Instruments T70 T80 Spektrometer Steckkarte Board #D10908

BMG Labtech ThermoStar Labor-Schuttel-Inkubator fur Mikroplatten

Agilent HP 79826-87602 Capillary SST 280mm, 0.12mm ID HPLC

Krohne Altometer A98 6498 Durchflu

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