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Calcium Zinc  Complex PVC Heat Stabilizer for pipes

Calcium Zinc Complex PVC Heat Stabilizer for pipes

Business Information

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  • Calcium Zinc  Complex PVC Heat Stabilizer for pipes

Product Features

Model: CZX-9085

Type: Calcium Zinc Non-toxic Complex PVC Heat Stabilizer
Appearance: Powder, or granules
Color: White or yellowish

Technical indexes:
Loss on Heating : ?3.5%
Initial Melting Point ?60℃

Application: Pipes

Recommend dosage: 2.5~3.5 phr

Storage: Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

Packing: 25KG/Bag

Product characteristics:
A) Can entirely replace lead and organotin stabilizers. Satisfies the non-toxic environmental and sanitary requirements.
B) Excellent initial color clarity and heat stability; anti-sulfide pollution.
C) Outstanding lubricity and unique coupling ability; can provide fillers with good dispersion, enhance enfolding with resin, improve products’ performance, reduce mechanical abrasion and extend the service life of equipment.
D) Can promote both toughening and melting performances, can make the PVC compound well-distributed and with high-speed melting fluidity and make even wall thickness and smooth surface, and improve products’ water-resistance performance.
E) Suitable for powder direct extrusion and able to simplify the production process.

Technical support:
1. We can provide recommended formula and technical support to customers.
2. Please visit our website at for more information.

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