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  • Target Markets: Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Austrilia
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  • Established date: 2011
Ningxia Lycii berries(180 grains/50g),Gouqizi,Goji berries,Barbary wolfberry fruit, Lycium barbarum, Matrimony vine

Ningxia Lycii berries(180 grains/50g),Gouqizi,Goji berries,Barbary wolfberry fruit, Lycium barbarum, Matrimony vine

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 500kg
  • FOB Port : Tianjing
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 5kg/bag, 4x5kg/carton
  • Supply Capability : 100 tons/carton
  • Delivery Time : 10 working days

Product Features

The Goji berries/wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) has received much popularity in China. It is a widely cultivated export crop and highly regarded in China for its medicinal properties. In addition to being cultivated in the popular region of Ningxia, it is also cultivated on very large commercial farms in the regions of other province

The Best Goji berries in China in the world, the best Goji berries in Ningxia in the China, the best Goji berries in Zhongning in the Ningxia. In 2009, "THE LYCIUM CHINENSE OFZHONGNING" obtain famous brand in China and is number one Goji berries brand in China.TheTrade mark Yishaotang, which was registered in 2013 and now it is famous ?brand in Zhongning county of Ningxia and Yishaotang Goji berries have been exported to many countries and got good reputation


 China Dried Gojiji berry 180 Grains/50G  Goji Berry Dried fruit   Dried Chinese wolfberry

Goji berry(Chinese Wolfberry) is selected from the high-quality Chinese Wolfberry in Ningxia. The Chinese Wolfberry of Zhongning is famous all the world for the fine climate, geographical environment and upriver water quality from the Yellow River. It’s full of mineral and many kinds of human body's essential amino acid, vitamins, microelements and LBP. Chinese Wolfberry is a famous plant fruit which has three medicinal, edible and healthy values. Its effect is recorded in “Ben Cao Gang Mu” that Chinese Wolfberry improves liver and kidney function, promotes body immunity, anti-aging, profits lung and eyesight effects. It is recorded in the medical literatures: it is famous domestic and overseas, called as “qizi treasure”, “red treasure” Chinese Wolfberry is big, flesh, less seed, sweet, the dry fruit is thick red, after pack is not agglomeration, commended it as one of the most fantastic Chinese Wolfberry. It’s good for present the friends and relatives, even the nutrition tonic for old and young people.


Enjoy Goji Berries

1) Snacking delight - Dried goji berries have a mild sweetness and are slightly chewy, which makes them perfect for snacking. These super berries are ready to be enjoyed straight out of the bag! You can also add them to trail mix with other dried fruit and nuts.

2) Teas, smoothies & other beverages - Reconstitute goji berries by soaking them in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, until they become plump and chewy. When the goji berry is reconstituted, it takes on a hearty sweetness and is wonderful in beverages.

3) Breakfast foods - Mix goji berries in oatmeal or cereal for an energizing boost. Layer them in yogurt for a new kind of parfait. Goji berries are also a delicious addition to granola bars and baked goods.

4) Soups & salads - Dried goji berries are commonly used in Chinese herbal soups to boost the nutrient content. You can add them to your own soups and broths. Alternatively, toss them over salads for a nice crunch.

5) Grain dishes - Add dried goji berries to quinoa, rice, couscous, and other grain recipes. The super-berries lend little bursts of nutrition and sweetness to your dishes. Buy goji berries in bulk so that you’ll have plenty to incorporate into your favorite foods.


The nutritional composition  in Goji (in  100g)



Dried Goji  berry


Dried  Goji  berry



Ash  content(g)


Crude fats(g)


Crude  protein(g)




Crude  fiber(g)


Quantity  of  heat(kcal)










I-hydroxide lutein(mg)










1.Improves immune system.


2.Anti-aging properties and anti-cancer properties .


3.Lowers blood lipids,


4.Replenish vital essence, tonify kidney


5.Nourishing the liver and kidney 


6.Simulates estrogens


7.Improves white blood cell counts 


8.Fruit, stems and leaves can lowers blood sugar



Storage Situation&Shelf lifea


Stored in a cool and dry wellclosed container and in ventilated area, kept away from moisture

 and strong light or high temperature.Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun 



180 Dried Goji Berry


180 Grains/50g


Inner Packing:100g/250/500g/5kg Bag

Out Packing:20Kg Carton


11.5Tons (1*20GP)

Delivery Time

10 days


Thank you for opening this page.Besides 180 Dried,Goji berry, there is 220 Dried Goji berry&250 Dried Goji berry which belong to same "Product Grade" as 180 Goji for your choice. If you are interested in Dried Goji berry and want to know more, please contact me at your early convenience, thank you! We trust that our experience in foreign trade and proficient knowledge of Goji berry(Chinese wolfberry)-Chinese herbal medicine will enable us to meet your actual requirements.

Product Specifications

Top grade, 180 grains/50g, Big,long and elliptical, sweet,less seed,plump,fleshy,nutritious,medicinal&edible&healthy value.Storage in cool and dry place, shelf life 2 years

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