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library management system/RFID  library /HF library equipment manufacturer

library management system/RFID library /HF library equipment manufacturer

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,,,,,,,,,,,,SGS,
  • FOB Port : Guangzhou
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton
  • Supply Capability : 5000pcs/year
  • Delivery Time : 5days

Product Features

System overview:
An electronic library management system mainly consists of the following seven subsystems: superscript books management system, self-service book borrowing system, self-service book system, counter artificial borrow / book system, digital inspection system, safety monitoring system and query statistical analysis system; intelligent security electronic library management system can help library staff from such as library, book, classification, error detection and save a lot of time, thus more energy and time to provide more thoughtful personalized service for readers.

 Main functions and characteristics:

Simplified borrowing books operation: the library of the paper the data divided by the optical bar code sveral barcode), as the identification of each of the book yards, for safety reasons, still need to affixed to the magnetic stripe, to prevent books without permission is carried out. The application of RFID technology, RFID TAG to replace the bar code and magnetic stripe, borrowed books from degaussing and magnetic work.
Accelerate inventory operations: because of the bar code reader must in the near distance and no blocking object under before they can bar code reading. Therefore, inventory need taken out from the shelves will be each of the book. TAG RFID uses radio waves to transmit signals, and a number of TAG RFID data can be read at a time, to simplify the work of inventory.
Easy to find books on the shelf or to the wrong shelf: the use of radio waves, making it easier to find books.
Readers self-help books: collocation also borrow books outside the peripheral devices, the reader can use their own books to borrow; collocation automatic book peripherals, readers can automatically handle the book.
Anti theft auxiliary function: the reader with no registration books out of the door, the door will automatically detect and alarm.

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