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Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Target Markets: all over the world
  • Business Type: Exporter
  • Established date: 2008
Xi'an Taima hot sells pure nicotine and all kinds of flavors for E-liquid

Xi'an Taima hot sells pure nicotine and all kinds of flavors for E-liquid

Business Information

  • Price : $196 USD
  • Min. Order : 1kg
  • Certificate : ,,FDA,,,,HACCP,
  • FOB Port : shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 1.15kg/bottle
  • Supply Capability : 200 ton/year
  • Delivery Time : 8 days

Product Features

We are suppliers of the World's finest Smoke Flavors,Nicotine and E-juice.
1--All material from natural,nicoitne from tobacco leaf extract,smoke flavors from plant extract.
2--Have a first-class Perfumers.
3--Our Nicotine is 99.999percent pure.As to USP grade.
4--Smoke Flavors Nearly 400 kinds.
5--Provide all sugest for DIY E-juice.
Good service and best quality for health life,we are please and honored to share that with you.
CAS: 54-11-5
International Code: 61868
Analysis Method: HPLC
Molecular formula:C10H14N2
formula weight: 162.23
Appearance: colorless oily liquid
Risk Marking: 14
Content: 99.9%
1.Applied in bio-pesticide. It can be used to produce bio-pesticide of high-effective, low toxicity and low residue.
2.Applied in medical area. It can be used to treat Alzheimer.
3.Applied in smoke quitting. It can be used to made e-juice, nicotine patches and other smoke quitting products
4. Used as an additive to manufacture food, nutrition and health care products, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, and animal feeds.
5.Used in Nicotine replacement therapy. High purity can help chian-smoker quit smoking and also can prevent non-smoker atsrt smoking


Product Name: Nicotine       CAS No: 54-11-5
Extract Region: Tobacco Leaf Analysis
Purity:USP 99.95%
Appearance: Colorless to slight yellow transparent oily liquid
1. Pure Nicotine liquid: 95%, 98%, 99% and 99.8% for e cigarette liquids use...         2.Mixed liquid: 36mg/ml-360mg/ml nicotine mixed with PG or VG for e-liquids
 1. Used for e-cigarette liquid, e-smoking liquid and e-juice...
 2. Used for quit-smoking product, nicotine gum and pharmaceutical products
36mg/ml~360mg/ml nicotine with pg or vg for e-liquids Many kinds of e-liquids fill flavor: Tobacco series flavor: cigar,seven star,tobacco...............
Fruit series flavor: apple,peach,banana,cherry ...............
 Herb and Mint series flavor: vanllia,pepper,menthol...........
Package:1kg/bottle, 25kg/drum
Storage condition: store in a cool, dry and lucifugal place

Product Specifications

Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd, specializing in Pure Nicotine and mixed unflavored liquid in China. Through our continuous research and development, our nicotine content reached 99.95%.In the industry, we got excellent grades.
1. Pure nicotine: the size is from 10%-99.95% (10mg/ml-990mg/ml) . Generally speaking, it is always use higher specification - 98% and 99% . It can be diluted into the concentration of clients want (lower content) with PG or VG. Then add different essence to make different flavors.
2. We also have mixed unflavor e liquid (24mg/ml-600mg/ml) nicotine in PG/VG. It is colorless or slight yellow oil liquid. You can dilute to your needing, then add different flavors.
we have mainly produce tobacco series flavors, that is not finished flavored e liquid, it is only flavor, you need add it into nicotine to make flavored liquid. Now we have 300 kinds below:
# 1 - Seven Star # 2 - MarIboro # 3 - came # 4 - Cigar # 5 -Virginia# 6 - Tobacco taste ....of annex
3. The MOQ: it is at least 1kg by Fluorinated Bottles to pack.
4. Delivery time is: After receive payment, within 3 days to send
5.We accept T/T, W/U, PAYPAL.

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